Robinson an unlikely but effective Colts contributor

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky On a day when Peyton Manning spread the ball around to stars like Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Marvin Harrison and Anthony Gonzalez the Colts' leading receiver in catches was... Gijon Robinson?

    Yup, the blocking tight end who came into the Colts game against the Cincinnati Bengals with seven catches nearly matched his season total on one afternoon as Indianapolis recorded a blowout victory.

    Tony Dungy explained in his Monday press conference that the Colts expected the Bengals to bring extra people at Manning often and so they used their two tight end package a lot, meaning third-receiver Gonzalez played sparingly while Robinson got a lot of work.

    "We really went in feeling like they were going to blitz us," Dungy said. "From everything we had seen in the last month or so, they had come after people. That's why we ended up playing a lot of two tight end sets. We felt like we'd have Gijon Robinson in there protecting and they didn't come, didn't come very much at all. Played some three-man line as a matter of fact, so Gijon was able to get out in the pass routes and had a good day. But, the fact that they didn't play us quite the way we thought, we had to adjust to that and I thought our guys did. They kept their poise and once we got going and got the lead, that really played into our hands."

    Robinson finished the game with six catches for 69 yards.

    Dungy said the tight end often became an option only after reading what the Bengals weren't doing.

    "That was his responsibility a lot of times, to check and, if his linebacker didn't come, then he could get out in the routes," Dungy said. "Or, based on the look that we got, Peyton went to a different play that got him out. He was the guy that was uncovered a lot, and he took advantage of that."

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