Robin Williams dead at 63

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by SawdustMan, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Wait, this negatively affects loved ones?

    Wow.....didn't know that.
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    Mind. Blown.
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    Selfish family
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    Definition of "selfish" via the mighty interwebs: (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

    Given that definition I do not think the word is accurate in many suicide cases. If your mind is strongly telling you "ending it all" will save loved ones loads of long-term grief, money, hospital visits, emotional weardown, even if you're the only one thinking this is in their best interest is specifically the opposite of "lacking consideration for others".

    I challenge anyone that says all suicidal persons simply disregard the effect that the act may have on loved ones.
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    that and the fact that about any act a person does is selfish....
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    they also seem to ignore the fact that many of them think that their family would be better off without them.
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    So I'll ask again. At what point do you draw the line for mental illness? Obviously several of you think mental illness absolves someone from any wrongdoing towards other family members via his/her suicide because they are mentally ill. So if a mentally ill person with depression as the mental illness harms someone else are they also absolved of any wrongdoing because of their mental illness?

    Would you all tweet to the family what RSB said that some of you agreed with, that if the family helped more it could've saved Robin? Since we are finding him without fault due to his mental disorder but it is those around him that SHOULD feel guilty because if they had helped more maybe he wouldn't have done it.

    Mental disorder or not, personal responsibility does play a role. He killed himself in a position where his wife would've found the body, it's surprising she didn't.

    This is a touchy subject and I'm weary of discussing it further so I'll guarantee this is my last post in this thread. Bash me all you want, idgaf.
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    Exactly what I was thinking.

    If a kid goes to school and shoots up other kids because he is depressed is that okay because he is mentally ill??

    And I'm not saying mental illness is not serious because it is, and I think we should do more to help people with mental illness.

    But how is that acceptable? Everyone has to be accountable for their actions to a degree.
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    Why the **** would anyone tweet that to the family? First and foremost, it's only been two days since he died. Secondly, that's still a crazy thing to tweet out at the family.

    Why are you making a huge deal of this?

    This thread was supposed to be a memorial for one of the world's favorite actors. All you've done is b*tch about suicide.

    Okay. It's a selfish act. No one is really debating that. But you are going out of your way to argue about this rather than just letting it go.
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    No... not acceptable. They killed other human beings.

    Last I checked, Robin Williams did not.

    But in regards to the psycho kids who shoot up schools... Their parents almost always suck. The kid who shot up the kindergarten had a mom who let him stay in the basement and play Call of Duty all day, knowing he was mentally ill. And she collected guns. She is at fault too.