Training Camp Reynaud sits out practice with rib injury

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    In addition to center Eugene Amano (season-ending triceps injury) center Kevin Matthews missed his third straight practice on Saturday due to a concussion, but is expected to return to action in the near future.

    Running back Darius Reynaud missed Saturday’s practice after suffering a slight rib injury, but Titans coach Mike Munchak doesn’t expect him to miss more than a day or two of practice.

    Tight end Brandon Barden remains sidelined by a hamstring injury.

    Absences on Saturday included wide receiver Damian Williams and tight end Jared Cook, both of whom were excused to attend O.J. Murdock’s funeral in Florida, as well as defensive end Dave Ball, who was excused for personal reasons.

    Wide receiver Devin Aguilar returned to practice after missing a handful of days with a hamstring strain.

    Source: Titans Insider
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