Reynaud acknowledges punt return errors

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    One week after making some questionable kick-return decisions in a game, Titans’ return specialist Darius Reynaud made the wrong choice on at least one punt return last Sunday.

    In the first quarter of the Titans’ loss to Houston, Reynaud made the unusual move of calling for a fair catch at the Tennessee 5-yard line, instead of letting the ball bounce and perhaps roll into the end zone.

    “I didn’t know where I was,” Reynaud said. “Sometimes I’m thinking I’m taking my steps up, and then when the ball is hanging there so long, I forgot where I’m at. So I did make some bad choices on fielding the ball.”

    Said Titans coach Mike Munchak: “He’s got to learn how to read the rotation of the ball and probably think that ball would have dropped in.”

    In the fourth quarter, Reynaud chose to let a punt drop, one that was downed by Houston at the Tennessee 6.

    “He was getting some good hang time on the balls,” Reynaud said of Texans’ punter Donnie Jones, “and at times I made some bad judgements.”

    This is Reynaud’s first season as a punt returner for the Titans, but he served that role in two previous NFL years – one for Minnesota and one for the New York Giants.

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    What made Mariani so good is that he didn't hesitate, he just ran straight ahead and took what he got.
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    He should acknowledge the bench.
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