Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama

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  1. Ensconatus

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    Add Jarrad Davis and Wartman-White to my list.

    For ILB this class isn't all that great
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  2. GrayGhost1951

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    Per PFF: (someone didn't make them 1-5 - typo)

    1. Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt
    Why he’s on the list: Cunningham brings length and athleticism to the position that shows up on tape as he has good range as a zone defender. That coverage ability is coveted in the NFL, and he complements it with strong work against the run due to his striking ability that allows him to shed blocks.

    What we’d like to see: While Cunningham can be a disruptive run defender, he leaves too many plays on the table as evidenced by his missing one of every 9.7 tackle attempts last season, 44th among the nation’s inside linebacker. Former Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith had the same missed tackle issue at Notre Dame his sophomore year and if Cunningham can make a similar improvement, he’ll take his game to the next level.

    1. Reuben Foster, Alabama
    Why he’s on the list: Foster loves to get dirty in the running game as he attacks lead blockers and pullers with power, but also has the quicks to beat them to the punch with his agility. He does a nice job of reading the quarterback’s eyes in coverage and that lead to a national-high seven passes defensed a year ago.

    What we’d like to see: If Foster does win on initial contact with second-level linemen, he can get engulfed; more consistent block shedding is one area for improvement. Also, like many Alabama linebackers, straight-line speed is a question mark.

    1. Raekwon McMillan, Ohio State
    Why he’s on the list: McMillan is a playmaker in the running game and he does a nice job patrolling the middle of the field in Ohio State’s zone-heavy scheme. He’s a strong tackler, missing only 13 of his 154 attempts the last two seasons and on a defense loaded with NFL talent and flashier playmakers, McMillan has quietly played excellent football.

    What we’d like to see: It would be nice to see McMillan in more one-on-one situations with tight ends and there are times that he loses track of routes working behind him in zone coverage. It will also be important to see how he handles being the main cog on the defense rather than just another good player in a sea of superstars.

    1. Jarrad Davis, Florida
    Why he’s on the list: Opposing runners know when they’ve been hit by Davis who packs a punch when squared up on ball carriers. He can work downhill in the running game and he uses that same power to beat up blockers when blitzing.

    What we’d like to see: Davis can get tied up at the second level by offensive linemen, especially when he’s not initiating the contact. While he’s a powerful tackler, cutting back on the whiffs should be an emphasis this season after he missed 11 of 90 attempts last season.

    1. Calvin Munson, San Diego State
    Why he’s on the list: Few linebackers have been as disruptive as Munson the last two seasons as he’s totaled 19 sacks, 11 QB hits, and 21 hurries while grading positively against the run and in coverage. His ability to attack and shed blockers has led to his strong play as a pass rusher and against the run.

    What we’d like to see: Munson is not great in space, and there are some ugly plays in coverage. If he can improve athletically and tackle better (25 misses in two years), he’ll increase his potential three-down value.
  3. 10ACTyrant

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    here's reuben showing his smarts, diagnosing the play

  4. ImATitan

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    Speaking of ILB, I didn't think Zach Cunningham had a very good game vs Tennessee. He missed tackles on Kamara's first 2 touchdowns. Cunningham has work to do in the tackling department.
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    That's Reggie Ragland. Not Reuben Foster.
  6. Clint8

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    Reuben Foster is the perfect fit for what Dick LeBeau likes to do on defense. His closing speed is absolutely elite. Overall, he is the best LB prospect that I've scouted since Patrick Willis (no, it has nothing to do with club.... or does it?).
  7. 10ACTyrant

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    except i posted the gif to point out foster(to ragland's left) diagnosing the play for ragland.
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  8. Clint8

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    I now see Foster pre-snap, but I'm not entirely sure he was diagnosing that play. He could've been, but there is no way to really know what he was pointing out. Still, we all know he can. Elite talent.
  9. rekirts

    rekirts Starter

    The entire alabama defense diagnosed that play.
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  10. 10ACTyrant

    10ACTyrant Starter

    If I can find where I pulled that gif from it was actually an interview with Ragland and he was talking about foster calling out that play. It's not a big deal, just showing he has the full package.
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