Report: Titans Players Not Happy with Chris Palmer

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    That's a fair assessment but money talks. Sounds to me they didn't try hard enough. I'm not sure if that is on the FO/Adams or the coaches felt they could fix it at the right price. Anyway you slice it, the problem remains a problem and the HC is always on the hook.
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    No, not necessarily. Maybe they think that although Matt is better (he obviously is at this point, right), maybe going with Locker at this point makes sense for the future. Chemistry needs to develop between him and the other offensive players. Hence, making this a rebuilding year, not a winning year.
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    Dude, Matt was throwing INTs in camp like they were going out of style. Jake definitely was playing right at par with Matt's level of play, making him the easy choice. And, by the way, Matt played pitifully after the first drive. Absolutely terrible.
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    I could care less what happened in the last 4 minutes of a game we're losing by multiple touchdowns, or what happened in the preseason for that matter. I've seen both of them play enough football to know that Matt is the better QB at this time. I'm not against starting Locker. I love him as our QB and want him to succeed and bring us fans what we all want so desperately... I just think that starting him week 1 this year, especially given the beginning of our schedule, changes the complexion of this season.

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    Yea I was just saying. Hass wouldn't have thrown that jump ball, thats all I'm saying.

    I'm fully behind Locker, I haven't said 1 bad thing about him from yesterday.
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    Nah... I think it's a lot different than that. Jacksonville needs to have another QB altogether. We can be fine with this current line... just need different scheming.
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    I dont remember the names, but one guy was hellbent on playing for Fisher, and was testing the market. (or whats what he stated) The other guy was never leaving Houston, he just wanted to give them a nudge so they would hurry and sign him.

    We had the money, I just think that Adams Manning money making circuis took our focus off of what it needed to be. Once again, the old man sticks his nose in it, and ruins some chances. (all speculation)

    There was just a lack of options this offseason and the draft was not the way to go to get our guards or centers for the next 10 years. (although im sure a few will surprise us)
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    What!!!??? Will you guys please drop this BS. Jake Locker played very well yesterday. He put up almost identical numbers to Brady! IN HIS FIRST EVER NFL START! And he didn't even play the 4th quarter. This is rediculous. What does the guy have to do? If Hass throws that pick everyone just excuses it. "Oh, we'll it was basically a punt" :stfu:

    where are all the excuses for Locker that everyone gave to Hass? Our running game killed us. We would have been better off passing the ball every down. We would have put up more points. The run game cost us at least 11 points that I know of. Chris Palmer is hot garbage in the red zone. Locker had two receivers that showed up to the game with their big boy pants on. Our defense couldn't stop a paper sack blowing in the breese.

    Jake Locker and Kendall Wright are literally the only players on our offense that anyone has any reason to have faith in, and they're the two most criticized players besides CJ. Some of you guys are just rediculous.
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    Has threw an identical jump ball against Seattle. I believe you were one of the ones defending him for it too.
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    Indy vs. Tampa, 10/6/03

    Down 35-14 with 4 minutes left. Colts win 38-35.

    Peyton cared.