Report: Titans about to walk on Finny

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    More than likely, but he's also a much better player. He's defensed more passes than Finnegan despite being in the league less time. He's younger, bigger, faster, can play in man and zone.

    Let's face it, Finnegan isn't a man corner. He's at his very best in zone, that's why he moves inside in the nickel. He proved in 2010 he can't play both sides, so he can't mirror an offense's best WR for a whole game. If you can't play man you don't deserve to get paid like a premier corner.

    When was the last time you can remember Finnegan making a nice play in coverage? I remember a play against Brandon Marshall in 2010...
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    I'm not one for self promotion, but this is to good not to share.

    I wrote a blog 2 days ago about why the Titans should not resign Finny (you can read it here if you want

    I used the @ symbol in my tweet about my new blog and Cortland read it and tweeted back. He wasn't too happy about what I said.


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    Are you mad he responded?
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    LOL - that article bears no new insight on the Finny situation.
    I'm w Deuce here, you gotta keep Finny even if you tag him. He's a known quantity and The Titans would certainly replace him with "potential". Ugh.
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    Actually, you've got this one completely wrong. Finny was moved inside in Nickel situations to take out the slot WR, which in most offensive schemes is the biggest threat on 3rd down or passing situations while keeping our other CBs on the field in their comfort zone. To add to that, our DC saw the flexibility to have our most ferocious defender closer to the line to bring the pain on opposing QBs, I love that! So basically, his value went UP because he was able to jump inside ala Charles Woodson during different packages and also bring more heat off the edge to an already anemic pass rush.

    For all you guys contending that Leadership is overrated, let me ask you what happened the last time we overtook a leadership overhaul? What happened when we didn't sign Bulluck or Mawae? those guys were the heart,soul and respective pulse of our team. Without Finny, our defense is just a bunch of guys going through the motions getting their asses handed to them and never standing up for themselves to stop the bleeding. Have you ever seen a team like that and just felt sick? You think the Jason Jones' of the world can lead our team? Hahaha, this defense has no identity without Finnegan.:grrr:
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    Finnegan should come back, even if it's under the franchise tag. As for extending him 4 years at $10M a pop, IDK about that.

    Fans want him back, Munchak wants him back, but will he want to negotiate reasonable terms...
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    No just surprised he read it and responded like he did. Didn't think many players talked openly about their contract situation with Twitter followers.

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    Don't be surprised if they respond to criticisms. Griffin did it to me last month.
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    Tag him. Then we can either sign and trade, sign and keep him, and he won't play like crap if he wants a big contract.
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    According to Ruston Weber... the team is still working in contract talks with all players and expects them all to be on the roster, including Cortland.

    also said he'll "do what's best for the club" in dealing with franchise tag, and no decision yet.

    Munch said he wants Finnegan back, but if they do lose him he's comfortable with Verner, McCourt, and Campbell (younger guys he said)/

    via jim wyatt twitter