Replacing CJ With A Physical RB Could Be What The Offense Needs

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Sep 23, 2012.

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    the big tub of goo was solid on third and 1 also
  2. mike75

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    Well i do think they messed up making CJ a full time back once Lendale White left.Say what you will but they definitely were Thunder and Lightning and very successful together.What should've happened is they should've gotten another physical back in here after Lendale left and they should've kept things the way they were.CJ definitely could've prolonged his career by sharing the backfield with a physical back and we most likely would've had long term success doing this.
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    They did go get someone who was larger and more of a physical back after LenDale...

    Fisher thought he could sneak him on the practice squad after a good preseason, and he was wrong. Someone snatched him up.

    I still think Lagarrette Blount would have been very productive in Tennessee.
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  4. ncaalover12

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    With all the racists here? He woulda been gone after the first game where he hit a fan for calling him something...
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    Blount has 44 yards on the season and lost his spot to a very average rookie.

    We all had the right to be mad at Fisher about it, but not anymore. Blount is very overrated with Titan fans.
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    They're using him as he should be used now, a short yardage/goaline back. His 44 yards is on 13 carries, but has more rushing TDs than our running backs... I know that doesn't mean much. Martin had 8 carries last week and Blount had 6. I guess technically he "lost his spot" but I don't see it as a bad thing with him, and wasn't he injured a couple times already? I'm not arguing how great he is, or that he is what we should have built our team around, just that Ringer hasn't been good at all in the short yardage/goal line back role either with his 14 yards this season.

    Instead we kept Ringer around and got about ~200 yards a year and a couple of scores. We can say that with a lot of players, but in reality he would have most likely blown out his ACL or something playing in Tennessee then he'd be hated. He's definitely the only real attempt I've seen for a more physical type running back since LenDale left in 2010 though.
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    Thats because he knew Fisher taped cheeseburgers to the goal post. Once he got close, nothing was stopping him.
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