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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Carpy, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. The Don

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    unless it is a new job for you, your Company should put all of that together for you. They probably have a relocation agent you can correspond with, and get properties set up in advance when you come over to look. Hopefully they are paying for your move as well. (Relocation Package)

    BTW, with the kiddies it depends on their birth date as to what grade they will be in. A 7-1/2 year old is probably in the second grade, depending on the school's calendar year. Most schools around me get started in mid to late August, and get out in late May. However some schools are year round.
  2. Carpy

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    Yeah, my company has a pretty neat relocation package. We do, however, get to choose our own house and school area and get paid an "allowance" for rent etc.

    I'm not too stressed about the schooling. Just want to co-ordinate it so that my son is in the same grade as he should be in when he returns to Oz in 2009.
  3. Gunny

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    gonna get him to play some pee wee football and live through him like they do on Varsity Blue? :brow:
  4. Sunshine

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    I assume St. Louis is similar to Nashville in that different cable services are available in different areas of the city. Heck, you might end up living in Illinois (just across the river), so don't forget to check on that state as well.
    Click on St. Louis County when you get to this website. After that, you will need to know which part of St. Louis you are moving to.
    Schools here in Missouri are pretty much the same as they are in Tennessee. Schools in August to May, unless that school district has year round school. As for cable services, ect, being in such a large city you will have options, unlike where I live where you get Time Warner Cable. It stinks, they don't offer the NFL Network. Hope this helps
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