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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dontdraftcutler, Apr 19, 2006.

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    I'm not comparing Williams and Schwartz. I think Williams is perhaps the best D.C. in the league. But compared to other D.C.'s in the league, and when looking at his overall production, I just don't understand this hatred of Schwartz. He is no Greg Williams, but who is?

    And to claim that we have had talent the last few seasons is laughable. Talent?!?!?!? Compared to who? Our starters are talented, after that the drop off is considerable, and when you lose starters to injuries, we have nothing left. We could do a player by player breakdown to analyze how talented our defense actually is and I am confident it would not look very good.
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    GoT: Thanks for the link. Very informative.
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    Our D is pretty nasty now, give them time to Gel...
    KVB, Albert H, TLB, Odom, Bulluck, Thornton, Pacman, Hill, Hope, LOOK OUT AFC!
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    I'm not a huge Schwartz supporter but when taking into consideration the players and running game the last few years you can't blame much on him.

    Last year we started two rookie CBs and one crippled S. Don't forget the crippled OLB and athletically challenged MLB (how the heck do you stop the run with that group?). Until the emergence of KVB we have not had a true pass rushing DE for years. Even in Kearse's last few years he wasn't anything close to the player he was his first two years.

    Going back to 2001 we had a couple of seasons where the defense was decimated by injury. About that same time we saw the demise of our running game. Running the ball down teams throats and controlling the clock was something Williams had the luxury of when he was here. The decline in talent on defense and the erosion of the power running game was off-set by the emergence of McNair as a passing QB which kept the team competitive but eventually when the CAP really started to take its toll things fell apart completely. If we don't see strong improvement this year I'll get on the hate Schwartz bandwagon but right now I want to see what he can do with a notch better talent.

    Hopefully our CB play (assuming Pacman isn't in the State pen) will be improved as those guys head into their second year. We should be better at LB and S as well.
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