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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dontdraftcutler, Apr 19, 2006.

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    LOL Super Genius Wonder Boy
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    Ahhh....those were the days.....I'm so missing them too. :hmm:
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    Death, Taxes, and the Atanta Braves winning their division. Those are the only sure things anymore.
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    you forgot Sam Malone will always be the Red Sox best ever pitcher. :brow:
  5. well the steelers blitzed them and it worked to perfection
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    14 years?:ha:
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    First time posting, be patient:

    Everybody is acting like the defense has never been any good with J.S. as our defensive coordinator....but the stats don't back that up. He has been D.C. for five years. Out of those five he has had two bad years. And can anyone here honestly say that those two, 2004 and 2005, were entirely his fault. Our we forgetting how many people we lost due to salary cap purges and injuries the last couple of years. When we were healthy, relatively speaking, and we still had an abundance of talent, Rolle, Carter, R. Smith, etc..., look at what our defense was able to do:

    In 2003, Schwartz directed a defense that ranked first in the NFL in rushing defense for only the second time in franchise history (1993). Tennessee’s ferocious play against the run extended a streak of nine consecutive seasons in the Top 10 for rushing defense, which led the NFL. Currently, the Titans defense has allowed only two 100-yard rushers in the last 37 home games.
    That top ranking in rushing defense didn’t come easily in 2003, as the Titans faced eight (for a total of 10 games) of the NFL’s top 13 rushers who accounted for 12,018 yards. The highlight of the season was holding 2,000-yard rusher Jamal Lewis to 35 yards in the Wild Card game at Baltimore, his second lowest total as a starter.
    In addition to leading the NFL in rushing defense in 2003, the Titans also led the league in third down defense at 27.7%. The conversion rate was the lowest in franchise history and the lowest by an NFL team since the 1998 Oakland Raiders (26.3%).
    The 2003 edition of the Titans defense yielded a number of accolades and successes beyond the rushing defense, including: ranking fourth in the AFC in "red zone" defense (43.9%), fifth in the AFC in takeaways with 34 and recording the most interceptions (21) by a Titans defense since 1995.
    In 2002, the Titans defense finished in the league’s top 10 in total defense, despite a number of obstacles, including the loss of All-Pro DE Jevon Kearse and the addition of six new starters on defense. The Titans defense came together after the fifth game of the season and finished with the third best defense in the league over the final 11 contests. Including all 16 games, Tennessee’s defense finished 5th in the league in scoring defense (282 points scored with the defense on the field).

    This summary of his career can be found at

    After reading the above information, what do you think Schwartz is doing wrong?
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    Skewed stats considering we lead by a lot and teams had to play catch up.
  9. dontdraftcutler

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    Honestly...I think a lot of that was carry over from Greg Williams defensive philosophy. Schwartz takes no chances...loves the zone..which allows offenses (like the Colts) to drive right down the field on us. I can hear people saying it already.."well if we blitz all the time we give up the big plays..." I say so be's not like we're stopping anybody anyway. Let's at least give our team a chance for a big sack or a turnover from being agressive rather than passive. Anybody agree with me?
  10. TitanJeff

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    Run a search on Schwartz and you'll get plenty of reading on why many fans feel he's pathetic.

    Though I don't necessarily agree with everything he does, I don't think anyone would have accomplished much with the holes the Titans D had the last two seasons.
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