Reigning F1 champ Alonso returns to Renault

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by titanbuoy, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. titanbuoy

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    After a relatively crappy, controversial year with McLaren, Fernando Alonso stuck his tail between his legs and returned to Flavio's Renault squad. Word is he turned down a $150 Million/3 year deal from Toyota.

    McLaren has made an offer for an f1 representitive to inspect both Hamilton and Alonso's cars prior to the championship deciding Brazillian GP. The F1 has accepted the teams invitation and will send a representitive to ensure all is kosher (Alonso has been claimimg that British F1 rookie sensation Lewis Hamilton has been receiving preferential treatment from the UK based team).
  2. Man, Alonso is such a jealous attention seeking, cocky... I really hope Hamilton can pull it through
  3. Childress79

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  4. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    First practice just finished up for the season's final race in Brazil. There was a light mist throughgout the session... we likes wet races :yes: . Kimi and Massa were the quickest in the wet session. Second round of practice is set for noon EST (televised live on Speedchannel).

    To me Hamilton and Alonso are totally similar animals. Ultra competitive, willing to go to almost any length to give themselves an advantage. Hamilton is a little more shrewd with the media, but there's no doubt he's a conniving mofo. I like Hamilton more than Alonso as well, and I've enjoyed watching Lewis bursting on to the scene as a rookie and completely rattling the two time champ. I do however think that Alonso has reason to gripe, as a defending world champion signing a big money deal to come to a new team I don't think he was unreasonable in thinking that he'd get #1 driver status similar to that which Schumacher received at Ferrari. I think the error he made was when he saw the team had paired him with the rookie, he assumed that this was an indication that McLaren was thinking along the same lines (instead of having it specified in his contract). Obviously he'd never met Hamilton, and was unfamiliar with what a savy driver he was (even at such a young age). When it became clear that Hamilton was fast and that the team were treating him as an equal Fernando lost it (and Lewis did everything he could to passively feed Alonso's growing paranoia). It's been fascinating to watch.

    I myself prefer the two Ferrari drivers Massa and Raikkonen, but have to admit niether has shown that they have the ruthless, competitive fire that is required to be F1 champ. I think even though Hamilton is only in his first year I think he's already proved that an extremely competitive nature is certainly something he is not lacking. Senna, Schumacher, Prost... all of the dominant drivers of the past quarter century in F1 have been brutally ruthless and I think Hamilton has shown he has all of the qualities to become the next one.

    Oh! and yes, Alonso is now denying the Renault contract. But then again, as the old cliche goes, how can you tell Fernando is lying... his lips are moving.

    So Hamilton is up by 4 points over Alonso and 7 over Kimi heading into this last race. This means if Lewis gets on the podium he's champ regardless of where the others finish. Kimi needs to win and have Alonso finish worse than third and Hamilton worse than 6th (doesn't seem likely). If Alonso wins he needs Lewis to finsh worse than third. If Hamilton DNF's a 4th place or better would give Alonso his third straight F1 drivers championship.

    Really looking forward to the race... sadly the race itself is at the same time as the ***/Texans match-up. I'll certainly be flipping back and forth, but I have to confess that at least initially I'll be paying more attention to what's going on in Sao Paulo than what's transpiring in Texas.

  5. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    So Massa is on poll, Hamilton second, Raikkonen third and Fred Alonso fourth.

    Hamilton is taking some grief for pulling out in front of Raikkonen on Kimi's final quali fast lap. This lead to a heated exchange between Lewis and French F1 journalist Anne Giuntini, who has worked in Formula One for more than 20 years for the French daily L'Equipe.

    After repeatedly grilling Hamilton things got a little testy:

    "Do you think you can do everything you want and then you just apologise" :ha:

    McLaren boss Ron Dennis apparently went off on the female reported just after the presser's conclusion, leaving the journalist close to tears. Gotta love the drama :)

    I was wrong in my championship winning scenarios, here's a correct rundown as per

    Hamilton will win the title if:
    - He finishes first or second
    - He finishes fifth and Alonso does not win. (If Alonso comes second, Hamilton will still be crowned with the best numbers of... 5th places!!!)
    - He finishes sixth or seventh, Alonso is not in the top two and Raikkonen does not win.
    - He finishes eighth, Alonso does not secure a podium place and Raikkonen does not finish first or second.
    - He fails to score points, Alonso finishes no higher than fifth, and Raikkonen does not win or come second.

    Alonso wins his third straight title if:
    - He wins the race and Hamilton is third or lower.
    - He finishes second and Hamilton is sixth or lower.
    - He is third, Hamilton is out of the top seven, and Raikkonen does not win.
    -He is fourth, Hamilton does not score points and Raikkonen does not either win or finish second.

    Kimi wins the title if:
    - He wins, Hamilton is out of the top five and Alonso does not finish second.
    - He finishes second, Hamilton is eighth or lower, and Alonso is not on the podium.

    GO KIMI!!!!!!
  6. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    Pretty good scoop by Ferrari, who'd have thunk Kimi would win it?
  7. Mclaren are trying to appeal on the results of the BMW tyres controversy to make Hamilton champ, but don't hold your breath.
  8. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    I though Fernando was about to crash onto Hamiltons car at the start to take them both out.

    So my bet was Kimi.

    I dont specially like Fernandos (boring and way too political) attitude. But the man has shown he can drive risky and still be way regular. Everyone know he is agressive and very ambitious.

    I think both things are a must in F1.

    I think finishing third at Brazil was a great achievemente because his car was way too slow, but on the first 2 laps, and at the qualifying. He had a real hard time maintaining the 3rd position.

    Bad situation, british team, with a british new outstanding driver, and the british press not helping at all on the relationship. Fernando could win in Toyota, Renault or who knows... but not in McLaren

    To give each his own, Fernando had a less vanilla career, he began driving karts at 3!!! years of age. Competed since he was 7 and had no big sponsors untill he got an scholarship by the spanish federation after wining two spains championships, with the money he competed in the junior world cup in 1995 (he was 14, so he competed for 7 years on his working class family money) where he went 3rd before the very own Kimi Raikkonen. He won the juniors wc in 1996.

    Lewis had a great career two, but he had a contract with Mc Laren at 12, he began racing at 8.

    Many things have happend in this tournament and none are clear, which have influenced clearly the outcome, like the Hungary incident, which cost Alonso the Pole Position, the China Incident, where 21 drivers though it was an illegal procedure, and mr Charlie Whithing (Uk btw) and the other oficials thought the other way, so Hamilton did not had penalty.

    No to mention the Ferrari-McLaren inccident.

    To say best. You can´t be World Champion if in the last two races you drive out of the track getting in the pit and press the reset button while driving the car in the last race.(whatever you say now, about shifting problems that solved by themselves... whatever)

    Out of the 20 points needed, Hamilton scored 2 in this two last races.
  9. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    So it's official, McLaren and Alonso have parted company. Wonder where old "Fred" will end up? Renault? Toyata? Honda? BMW?

    Ron Dennis was saying all nice things about Alonso today at the presser. I wish for once he'd just come out and say what everyone already knows. "I can't stand that jerk and I can hardly wait for him to pack up his crap and get his sorry butt out of here"... or something like that :)
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