Reese to Meet with Agent for Henry

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Jan 7, 2006.

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    I don't feel like we'll be drafting a RB, but that's based on nothing but my own opinion. However, I hope we can keep Henry and cut his salary down a bit. I agree that our running game needs to get more physical. Brown has a heck of a stiff arm, but if he gets tackled twice in a series he needs two weeks off... I like it that Henry can make his own holes sometimes and gets yards after contact.
  2. They can't wait until the draft to decide. It will have to be done by early March.
  3. GLinks

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    So, SK, if we reduce his salary, but then draft Bush, say, and want to cut him, is there any way to tell approximately how much you save when you do? And do you have to wait until June 1 to do it?
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    Well, Carr was just given his bonus money today I think so it looks like they are intent on keeping him as their qb of the future. I can only assume this means they will be drafting Bush or trading out for someone else who will draft Bush number 1 overall. Coupled with Young's declaration expected in a few hours, it is looking ever more likely that we will be taking Young.

    Although, if I was New Orleans, I would at least say that I was going to take Young and try to get us to trade up a spot with them.
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  6. For the Titans to keep him, they will have to give him some sort of bonus up front. Right now, it's scheduled to be $4M. More likely, it will be closer to half of that.

    But either way, we won't cut Henry after the draft if we give him a bonus. If somehow we keep Henry and still manage to draft Bush, it's more likely that Brown would be traded.

    As for June 1, there aren't going to be cap savings this year by releasing a player after June 1. Because there is currently an uncapped year on tap in 2007, teams won't be able to push any prorated money into the future by releasing players later. All the prorated money will count in 2006 no matter when a player gets cut.
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    Travis is our number 1 running back in my opinion! I hope we keep him!
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