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    SUMMARY: Former Titans GM Floyd Reese has joined the NFL Network as part of a show called Path to the Draft, which will air on the NFL Network Monday at 5:30 p.m. The program will air for 30-minutes, five nights next week then begin again on March 1 for a 50-episode run leading up to the NFL Draft on April 28-29. Reese has maintained a low profile since parting ways with the Titans when he resigned on Jan. 5. "Floyd first and foremost brings credibility," said Eric Weinberger, the NFL Network’s executive producer. "A general manager’s perspective is rarely seen or heard by the fans. To get someone with Floyd’s successful track record discuss personnel after so recently serving in the GM capacity will benefit NFL Network’s viewers."

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    Too bad CBS didn't look for the same thing when hiring Charlie Casserly.
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