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  1. Dirk Diggler

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    I think this is a great idea, man. Would totally be up for this.
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  2. DegenerateBUM

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    That's what I'm talking about mother****ers!
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  3. Gut

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    I'm down. I do this myself every year anyway for fun! Great to look back at where I missed and where I crushed real GM's!

    I could care less about the trolls! I took quite a lot of flak from some when I took Mariota in our mock draft and defended my taking him and why we SHOULD take him...and then some of them claim I wasn't for Mariota!!! LOL

    Anyway, I'd do the whole draft or whatever shorter amount you want. I would say GM's make their hay in the middle rounds but after having Webster miss frequently on early round picks...

    The two areas I disagree with are if I take a player, it's assumed the team takes that player when in reality, I may be able to get that player later. For example, if the Titans take Spriggs and I take William Jackson at CB when Jags actually take Jackson but don't need an OT, you're taking an OT off the board that wouldn't be off the board so kind of automatically puts you at a disadvantage in an unrealistic way (when you're giving teams position players they don't need). if the needs matched up, it's fine and somewhat reasonable. When they don't, it's a problem! Question is, how do you fix it? Ideas...? Only thing I can suggest is if that team legitimately does NOT have a need at that position, someone (or maybe via consensus) picks which player that team would select. In that case, each of us would have a slightly different board but the effect should be realistic in a reasonable way.

    Letting players opt out of a trade creates a similar problem. So we either find a way for the board to decide who got taken or use your system as is or don't let people opt out of trades...think of it as Amy (the owner) FORCING you to make a trade!

    Some food for thought and discussion.

    I'm always down for the more comprehensive thing but most aren't (and probably haven't read this so I'm good with whatever we want to do!
  4. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    One more thing if you want to get crazier...let us each do an off-season free agency plan where we also have access to our whole cap and roster to trim or keep or sign players. There would have to be some you have to go into the draft with $10mil or more in free room, you can't sign a player for less than what they signed for and you can only match a contract if they went to a similarly poor team. For example, you'd have to BEAT the contract given to say Alex Mack to make him a Titan (and by beat, I mean at least 500k more per year), a player who was willing to sign with a lesser team for a certain amount (say Schwartz willing to go to Cleveland for $7.5mil/yr but signing with the Chiefs could be signed by the Titans for $7.5mil/yr). Any player going to a top 10 team can not be lured away for any price except for the above exception.

    This way, you could really craft your team via the roster, free agency, and the draft and matchup!!!

    Too crazy?
  5. DegenerateBUM

    DegenerateBUM Starter

    I understand your concern.

    I wish there was a realistic workaround, but there isn't. It's way too difficult and time consuming to have everyone agree on a consensus pick. After that, the entire landscape of the rest of the draft would change because of the newly introduced variable.

    If the Titans drafted Tunisil in reality, and I select Jaylon Ramsey, you have to assume that by the time we get to the second round that both players will be off the board. It really isn't that unrealistic. 30 out of 32 rounds will be exactly the same as this reality. In your proposed scenario you have to understand that it would add more variation to the way the draft would hypothetically continue. I understand your point, and I understand that in the deeper rounds you would be more likely to get some of the players you want, but there is no workaround that won't a) make it less realistic b) more work for the board members and c) less confusing.

    I really appreciate the input but I can't see people putting in the effort to come up with a consensus, and I think a lot of board members will only be knowledgable/care enough about the Titans and not the other teams in the draft.

    As for your second idea, it's a good idea. But I think we should create a second thread for that one. Not everyone that does this will want to do the other idea. If you want to run the other one and create a rule set, I would join.

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  6. DegenerateBUM

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    Here are the rules for the "Real Time Draft". Read through them ahead of draft day so you can be prepared if you are interested in participating.

    You can get as involved as you want. If you want to keep it simple, just post your picks when the Titans are on the clock. If they make a trade, draft out of the Titans new slot. If you want to get right into it, read the following rules.

    Posting picks;

    -Post your picks in the "Real Time Draft" thread in the NFL draft forum on draft day.

    -Post your picks while the Titans are still "on the clock" in reality. That leaves you with plenty of time.

    -If you time out your pick is forfeited unless the player you choose isn't drafted, in reality, by the time you post your pick.

    Draft Day Trades;

    -If the Titans make a trade in reality on draft day you will have the option to accept or decline. This is to open up the argument of whether or not the Titans should have traded the pick.

    -If you trade the pick then you will draft out of the Titans new draft slot(s). It will be noted in the spreadsheet that you acquired new picks.

    -If you keep the pick, draft out of the Titans' original slot and disregard the trade.

    -You can't trade a pick if the Titans don't trade it in reality because appropriate value for that pick can't be determined.


    When you select a player different than the one the Titans select (which will usually be the case) then the player that the Titans select, in reality, will be taken off the draft board as well. This player will be assumed to have been drafted by the team that eventually selects the player you chose.

    IE; I select Laremy Tunisil #1 overall. In reality the Titans select Jalen Ramsey. In reality the Charges select Laremy Tunisil. In this situation we will assume the Chargers take Ramsey because Tunisil will have been taken off the hypothetical draft board.

    Rounds You Will Draft;

    -You will be strongly encouraged to make selections for at least Rounds 1 and 2.

    -If you want to post your pick for round 3 it would be very beneficial to displaying your GM/scouting abilities/deficiencies.

    -If you would like to post picks for Rounds 4-7 I will also record them and enter them into the spreadsheet. More data means more insight into your drafting capabilities.

    I Will Be Working Or Busy on Draft Day;

    -If you don't have time on draft day but still want to participate you can post your draft que in the "Real Time Draft" thread any time prior to the draft. You have the option of a large overall draft que or a separate draft when for each round, that you decide to participate in.
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    Idc how many tounds yall wanna do, I'll play. I'll prolly be busy on draft day tho. So I'll have to have a que. But, without a trade i take ramsey
  8. DegenerateBUM

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    You can do as many/few rounds as you want to do. I'll just leave whatever rounds you don't draft empty in the spreadsheet. Try and do 3 rounds if you can, if not, no biggy.

    Post your que in here any time before the draft.

    Also, you aren't required to make a trade if the Titans do, it's optional. So you can lock in your pick for Ramsey whenever you want.
  9. DegenerateBUM

    DegenerateBUM Starter


    The draft is happening soon!

    Let's make sure to post our pics in here.

    Everyone always argues who we should/shouldn't take and people say "I would have taken xxx" if I were drafting. Back it up, post it, let's get it documented!!!!

    With the trade down there will be a bevy of options for our picks. Let's see what you got, this will be a pivotal year for the development of the Titans. We need to nail some of these picks.
  10. JR1980

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    I like it!
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