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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky A lap around the division after a 3-0 Sunday.
    I'll be heading back to Nashville from Denver, so forgive a stretch of quiet here.Â*I promise to try to post a bunch after I am back...
    Houston Texans
    "We dodged so many bullets today I felt like Superman," middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans said. John McClain's story on the Texans' first win.
    The win over Miami had a redemptive quality, says Richard Justice.
    Andre Johnson made the play and had the game the Texans needed to win, according to Dale Robertson.
    Matt Schaub heard the calls for Sage Rosenfels, then later won praise for his leadership, writes Megan Manfull.
    Indianapolis Colts
    The Colts rediscovered their precision passing groove in a rout of Baltimore, writes Jim Corbett.
    The Colts followed through on a game plan that called for them to be aggressive, according to Mike Chappell.
    Raheem Brock and his teammate returned to fun football, says Phil Richards.
    That was the old Marvin Harrison, not an old Marvin Harrison, opines Bob Kravitz.
    When Joseph Addai and Mike Hart when out with injuries in the first half, Dominic Rhodes did good work, wrote Mike Chappell and Richards.
    Ray Lewis was gone from the locker room by the time reporters looked for him following the Colts' dismantling of the Ravens, according to Phillip B. Wilson.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    The Jaguars got better and got to 3-3 in Denver, writes Michael C. Wright.
    The Jaguars have converted turnovers into 41 points, but they haven't given up points off a turnover. Two fumble recoveries in Denver were huge, says Vito Stellino.
    David Garrard's big day keyed the win, and a quarterback draw was a big part of it again, says Stellino.
    It was a win with almost everybody's name on it, opines Gene Frenette.
    Frenette's report card.
    Maurice Jones-Drew got more work because Fred Taylor was hurt, and turned in a big performance, according to Stellino.
    Tennessee Titans
    An interview with Floyd Reese, the former Titans GM who helped put together a team that enjoyed the bye at 5-0.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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