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    It's an especially good day for good reads around the division. Don't miss the Cortland Finnegan story, the piece on the Colts buildup to kickoff and the breakdown of some of the Texans' personnel moves.

    Houston Texans

    Indianapolis Colts

    • Phil Richards paid close attention to the Colts in the hours before the Steelers game and give us a wonderful look at all that goes on leading up to a game with crisp and vivid detail.
    • Bob Kravitz makes a great case for assistant coaches getting consideration for the Hall of Fame.
    • Safeties Antoine Bethea and Melvin Bullitt have been working as corners in the nickel and dime packages, says Mike Chappell.
    • Indy's offense has been excellent in the red zone, writes Justin A. Cohn.
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter takes heart that the Jaguars played about as poorly as possible in the first game against Tennessee and only lost by a touchdown, writes Vito Stellino.
    • Another take on Koetter's talk with the Jacksonville press, from Jim Nasella.
    • Protecting David Garrard is crucial, says Vic Ketchman of
    Tennessee Titans

    • Jim Wyatt explains how Cortland Finnegan, a sweetheart of a guy off the field, turns into a feisty irritant when he's playing football.
    • David Climer wonders why Vince Young seems so uninvolved on the Titans sideline. It's one of the team's million-dollar questions this season. Young should at least pretend to want to be around Kerry Collins, Chris Simms and Mike Heimerdinger when they look at pictures and discuss defenses.
    • The Titans have managed to make the one game at a time cliché work, writes Michael C. Wright.
    • Brandon Jones still uses a drop from early in 2007 as motivation, says Wyatt.
    • The Titans were well-represented at the Country Music Awards Wednesday night, according to Terry McCormick.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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