Reading the coverage: Texans unproductive in red zone

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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>A big win for the ttans. A bad los for the Texans. A day off for the Colts and Jaguars.</p> <p>Here's what's been written about the four members of the AFC South.Â*</p> <p>I'm planning a big mailbag for Christmas Day -- that requires your help <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">here</a>.</p> <p><strong>Houston Texans</strong></p> <p>The Texans suffered a <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">deflating defeat</a> that ruined the goodwill and killed the euphoria created by a four-game winning streak, writes John McClain.</p> <p>Richard Justice says <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">a bad play</a> call on a crucial fourth down hurt the Texans badly in Oakland.</p> <p>The red zone was <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">a black hole</a> for the Texans, says Dale Robertson.</p> <p>Houston's defense <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">couldn't contain Oakland</a>, says McClain.</p> <p>Kicker Kris Brown hit <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">a couple milestones</a>, according to Robertson.</p> <p><strong>Indianapolis Colts</strong></p> <p>The Colts won't know where they are going for <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">Wild Card weekend</a> until the AFC West is settled Sunday night with the Broncos-Chargers game, says Phillip B. Wilson.</p> <p>Wilson expects an <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">Indy-at-San Diego</a> Wild Card game.</p> <p><strong>Jacksonville Jaguars</strong></p> <p>Despite a bruised knee that had him sit out a rare Sunday practice, Maurice Jones-Drew <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">intends to play</a> in Baltimore, says Vito Stellino.</p> <p>A Jags fan in the military is <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">among those honored</a> with a card in a new Topps collection, writes Timothy J. Gibbons.</p> <p>A practice squader <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">was arrested</a> Sunday and charged with driving with a revoked or suspended license, reports Deirdre Conner.</p> <p><strong>Tennessee Titans</strong></p> <p>The Titans <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">grabbed home field advantage</a> throughout the playoffs by beating Pittsburgh, writes Jim Wyatt.</p> <p>Subbing for Albert Haynesworth, Jason Jones had <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">a huge game</a>, says Gary Estwick.</p> <p>David Climer says the Titans <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">got their edge back</a>.</p> <p>Joe Biddle says Kerry Collins <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">had his "A" game</a>.</p> <p>Pete Prisco <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">considers</a> the Titans defense.</p> <p>Alex Marvez writes that every time a favorite is established in the AFC, <a href="'favorite'-has-been-knocked-down-in-'08" shape="rect" target="_blank">it gets knocked back</a>.</p> <p>Michael Silver talks with Jeff Fisher about how this was the game the Titans <a href=";_ylt=AvsyIfK3qoBoYKIh.ZpjrKo5nYcB?slug=ms-morningrush122208&prov=yhoo&type=lgns" shape="rect" target="_blank">were waiting to play</a>.</p> <p>Rick Gosselin looks at <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">the Titans' depth</a> on the D-line.</p> <p>Steve Wyche of says the Titans proved to themselves <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">they are legit</a>.</p> <p>Justin Gage's TD catch came with a big pop from Troy Polamalu. The Tennessean's <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">notebook</a>.</p> <p>Wyatt's <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">report card</a>.</p> <p>Biddle's <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">four downs</a>.</p> <p><a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">After two interceptions</a>, Michael Griffin lobbied for a play on offense, Estwick.</p>

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