Reading the coverage: Texans struggle vs. 3-4s

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    DENVER -- It's overcast and wet here this morning, but that could change dramatically before kickoff of Jaguars-Broncos this afternoon.
    Here's my Mike High spin around the division this morning...
    Houston Texans
    The Texans have sputtered against 3-4 defenses like the one they will see from Miami today, wrotes Dale Robertson.
    Richard Justice ponders the coaches Gray Kubiak should be compared to and those he shouldn't be compared to.
    Jerome Solomon sees a Texans win over Miami today.
    Indianapolis Colts
    Defenses are challenging the Colts to throw deep balls, writes Mike Chappell. When's the last time you heard that?
    The Ravens will try to pound it against the Colts, writes Phil Richards.
    Indianapolis continues to look for answers at defensive tackle, according to Tom James.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Gene Frenette says the Jaguars are a long way from their old identity and they need to find it fast.
    A look at the logistics of taking a team on the road, by Garry Smits.
    Fred Taylor has a shot of beating LaDainian Tomlinson to 11,000 rushing yards today, says Vito Stellino.
    Tennessee Titans
    As Albert Haynesworth continues his elite play, he's paving the path to free agency in 2009, writes Jim Wyatt.

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    Breaking news....Texans have struggled against EVERYBODY!!!
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