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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Opening day included some surprises, and, at 1-0 the Titans sit atop the division for the first-week. Here's what they're saying in Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Nashville.

    Houston Texans

    • In a game to be decided by muscle or will, the Texans didn't win in either, writes Richard Justice. "I was really expecting not to have this feeling ever again," Chester Pitts said. "I'm embarrassed."
    • Andre Johnson struck the same chord with Megan Manfull as Matt Schaub lamented his two interceptions.
    • So much for the emphasis on slowing the run, says John McClain.
    • Duane Brown wasn't happy with his first game, he says at the top of the Chronicle's notebook.
    • McClain apologizes for some of his preseason hype and breaks down his biggest concerns.
    Indianapolis Colts

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • An opening day loss to Tennessee had a Groundhog Day quality to it, writes Vito Stellino. Tennessee's seven sacks played a huge role. "I just felt like I was getting pressured a little bit too much," David Garrard said. "I'm not trying to knock my O-line or nothing, but they have some animals on their defensive line."
    • Gene Frenette's report card includes an F for rushing offense.
    • Offensive line issues will be a big topic this week as the Jaguars assess three injuries, according to Michael C. Wright.
    • Matt Jones showed good signs, according to Wright.
    • Undrafted rookie Brian Witherspoon was electric as the return man, and he tops the Times-Union's notebook.
    • Cole Pepper looks at the Jaguars' start as an optimist and as a pessimist.
    Tennessee Titans

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