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    Upcoming days will take an unconventional shape as I will head to Detroit tomorrow for the Titans-Lions game on Thanksgiving, then be at Jaguars-Texans on Monday night in Houston.

    Houston Texans

    The Texans enjoyed a more aggressive defensive approach in Cleveland, writes John McClain.

    Richard Justice says the Texans need more guys like Steve Slaton.

    Houston's got a beat up backfield, says John McClain.

    Justice wonders what will be good enough to save Gary Kubiak's job.

    Indianapolis Colts

    Jeff Saturday is out at least three to four week s and Ryan Lilja isn't going to play this season, writes Mike Chappell.

    The Colts want to make the Titans have to keep playing atop the division, says Curt Calvin.

    Tony Dungy isn't worried about how the Browns are perceived, according to Calvin.

    The Colts are in great shape with regard to tiebreakers, says Tom James.

    Bob Kravitz' report card from San Diego.

    A replay of Phillip B. Wilson's chat.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jack Del Rio says he's got the resolve and commitment to get Jaguars moving the right direction, according to Vito Stellino.

    Five questions with Fred Taylor.

    Tennessee Titans

    Jeff Fisher says the story with LenDale White is over and done with, says Jim Wyatt.

    Another take on White's deal, from Terry McCormick.

    Joe Biddle says the Titans don't need any player rocking the boat.

    The loss can't linger as the Titans embark on a condensed week, writes Wyatt.

    Fisher says the Lions, worst in the league against the run, are well-equipped to stop it, says Gary Estwick.

    I'm late with this one: Mike Freeman considers Vince Young.

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