Reading the coverage: Rosenfels wants Haynesworth to be a GM

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Let's take a stroll around the division, shall we?
    Houston Texans
    Houston's quarterbacks aren't concerned with Albert Haynesworth's commentary on them, says Dale Robertson. Great line by Sage Rosenfels in response to Big Al's quip about how the backup QB deserves the big contract Schaub got: "When Albert becomes a general manager, I hope I'm a free agent."
    Ahman Green is doubtful, according to John McClain.
    Steve Campbell: "What the Texans can do - if they're resilient and resourceful and resolute enough - is give meaning to the franchise's heretofore dreary existence.
    The region is hurting and will continue to do so for some time. The Texans can be a part of the healing process. They have the opportunity to uplift, even inspire, a region by rising above their circumstances."
    The Astros have offered the Texans use of Minute Maid Park if they need it, writes Jose De Jesus Ortiz.
    Alex Marvez looks at how the Texans have dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.
    Indianapolis Colts
    Mike Chappell examines The Sanders Effect: "When he's been out of the lineup during his five-year NFL career, Colts opponents have rushed for 142.8 yards per game, 5.0 per attempt. When he's been in, the numbers fall to 120.4 and 4.3,"
    Could Jeff Saturday and Dallas Clark be back for the
    Colts against the Jags? Phil Richards considers.
    Video: Phillip B. Wilson and Bob Kravitz talk Colts. talks with Bill Polian.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Chris Naeole is back. Vito Stellino has details.
    With Bob Sanders out, will the Jags be able to run? Michael C. Wright considers it.
    Tennessee Titans
    Kerry Collins on whether the Titans are his team: "I really plan on making it mine." Here is Jim Wyatt's story.
    Haynesworth on the Houston QBs from a Nashville perspective.
    Video of Collins' chat with the media, courtesy of
    If you missed it, I looked back at the Titans-Texans 2004 draft day trade that involved picks used on Jason Babin and Ben Troupe, both cut by other teams this week.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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