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    Houston Texans

    • Duane Brown will be dealing with Jared Allen and the Metrodome noise, writes Dale Robertson.
    • Ahman Green has another injury issue and will be a game-time decision, says Robertson.
    Indianapolis Colts

    • The Colts run defense has gotten dramatically better in the last three games, writes Phil Richards.
    • Injuries mean the Colts have to sort out who's the nickelback, says Richards.
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Simple stats remind the Jaguars how they have to run to win, says Michael C. Wright.
    Tennessee Titans

    • The Titans, 27th last season in kickoff return average, are No. 1 nowÂ*with Chris Carr leading the charge, writes Jim Wyatt.
    • Mike Reinfeldt and Ted Thompson played together and worked together in two front offices. Now they are GMs of teams that square off on Sunday, says Wyatt. This insider also includes the story of the Titans' most consistent offensive lineman, Bryan Pride, who's been steadily gaining weight.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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