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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

    Before we head for the airport and make our way to Houston, we've sorted through the AFC South headlines for you.

    As always, I welcome your feedback in the mailbag.

    Houston Texans

    Indianapolis Colts

    • Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis combined to create the only touchdown in the Colts' win in Cleveland, says Phil Richards.
    • Bob Kravitz's report card.
    • The Colts stopped Joshua Cribbs and won the special teams fight, writes Richards.
    • No offense, but the Colts win anyway, says Mike Chappell.
    • Indianapolis awaits test results on new injuries to Gary Brackett and Keyunta Dawson, writes Chappell.
    • Marvin Harrison is on Alex Marvez's list of players who may not be around next year.
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • The Jaguars play in Houston Monday night with last place in the AFC South on the line, writes Michael C. Wright.
    • The Times-Union's pregame breakdown.
    Tennessee Titans

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