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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Our morning waltz around the division...
    Houston Texans
    The Texans are looking to rebound from a devastating loss and they'll do it behind Matt Schaub, write John McClain.
    Jerome Solomon compares the Texans to the one team that started 0-4 and went to the playoffs.
    McClain talks to Houston native Dennis Quaid about pro football in his hometown.
    Indianapolis Colts
    The Colts are looking for their dramatic turnaround in Houston to spark a change of direction for the season, writes Mike Chappell.
    Tony Dungy doesn't seem worried about injuries to Dwight Freeney or Anthony Gonzalez, says the AP.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    The Jaguars are struggling to establish their identity, writes Vito Stellino.
    Three women were injured when a glass panel fell at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Sunday, Stellino said.
    Fan reaction to the Jaguars current state, from the Florida Times-Union.
    Is Jack Del Rio's sticking with the plan amounting to stubbornness, asks Cole Pepper.
    Gene Frenette wonders where the Jaguars' fearsome defense is.
    Tennessee Titans
    "In the past 10 years, a total of 21 teams started 5-0, including this year's Titans. All but one ended up making the playoffs and four went on to win the Super Bowl, most recently the 2006 Colts, writes Jim Wyatt.
    As expected the Titans re-signed Chris Simms and Jeff Fisher called him important to the Titans' future, writes Gary Estwick. It sounded like Fisher meant future beyond this season.
    If the Titans had lost in Baltimore, Keith Bulluck's shove of Cortland Finnegan and their little in-house battle would have been a much bigger deal, says Wyatt.
    Brodie Croyle is on track to start at QB for the Chiefs when the Titans next play.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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