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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Two wins, two losses and a lot to read.Â*

    Houston Texans

    • Aggressive defense keyed Houston's win in Cleveland, writes John McClain.
    • Jerome Solomon says the Texans showed they haven't given up and still back Gary Kubiak.
    • Ahman Green is hurt again, this time a knee, says Megan Manfull.
    • The Texans forced five turnovers and held a team that had been scoring a lot to just a couple field goals, writes John McClain.
    • Andre Johnson hits the 1,000 yard mark, says Manfull.
    • The win was Houston's first on the road in more than a year, writes the AAP's Tom Withers.
    Indianapolis Colts

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Jack Del Rio says something is missing and David Garrard apologizes to fans, according to Vito Stellino.
    • The Jags had allowed 17 points off turnovers all season. Against the Vikings, they allowed 17 points off turnovers, says Michael C. Wright.
    • Fred Taylor says the Jags are a bad team and figures he may not be around next year, according to Cole Pepper.
    • Several Fs in Gene Frenette's report card.
    • Maurice Jones-Drew's 113 receiving yards were a team record for a running back, says Hays Carlyon.
    • Jacksonville just couldn't recover from the terrible start, says Tania Ganguli.
    • Matt Jones appeal is set for Dec. 4, according to Ganguli. About time.
    Tennessee Titans

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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