Reading the coverage: Is Peterson being phased out?

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Let's zip around the division, shall we?Â*

    Houston Texans

    Texans owner Bob McNair is optimistic, but losing some patience writes Megan Manfull. While he said the team will evaluate everyone aftert the season, his comments included this:Â*''If we have a chance to upgrade our coaches, will we do that? Yes. We'll always do that.''

    McNair may know Kubiak isn't the right guy, blogs Richard Justice.

    Antwaun Molden could get some time on defense soon, says Manfull. A young guy getting opportunity in the second half of a not-so-good season. Hmmm. I wonder what that means.

    Indianapolis Colts

    The Colts are on pace for the second-best red-zone offense in the last 10 years, says Mike Chappell.

    A rundown of Indy's injuries from Phil Richards.

    Deeper kickoffs have been a boost for the Colts, says Justin A. Cohn.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Mike Peterson feels like he's being phased out, while Jack Del Rio won't detail the plan for the linebacker, writes Michael C. Wright.

    Uche Nwaneri will spend a lot of time trying to slow Albert Haynesworth, says Vito Stellino.

    Fred Taylor laughed at the concept of a "last stand," but Sunday's game against the Titans may be just that, writes Jim Wyatt.

    AnotherÂ*write up aboutÂ*Peterson, from the AP.

    Better health has helped produce better play in the secondary, according to Wright.

    Tennessee Titans

    Albert Haynesworth and Chris Johnson are one of eight tandems Nate Davis considers most influential.

    The Titans playoff ticket plan is underway, according to Jim Wyatt.

    A look at the Kerry Collins-Mike Heimerdinger relationship, from Terry McCormick.

    Jeff Fisher is under-rated and under the radar, according to Tania Ganguli.

    Haynesworth said everyone thought the Titans' schedule was tough when the season started, writes Gary Estwick.

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