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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

    Before I trek back to Nashville from Indianapolis, I toured the divison and bring you this list of links...

    Houston Texans

    R-O-A-D is a four-letter word for the Texans, writes John McClain.

    With Matt Schaub hurt again, the Texans' progress is slowed again, says Jerome Solomon.

    Adrian Peterson started slowly, but finished big, according to McClain.

    Sage Rosenfels make a costly mistake in relief again, writes Megan Manfull.

    Cedric Griffin manages to slow down red-hot Andre Johnson, says Manfull.

    It's all about the turnovers, blogs Richard Justice.

    Indianapolis Colts

    The Colts get the result in a game Anthony Gonzalez called as close to a must-win as you can get, writes Phil Richards.

    Bob Sanders provided a boost to the defense in his first game back from injury, says Phillip B. Wilson.

    The Patriots did their part to self-destruct, according to Kyle Neddenriep.

    The Colts spend a lot of time working on the sort of pass Peyton Manning hit Anthony Gonzalez with for two touchdowns, writes Mike Chappell.

    Bob Kravitz says the Colts live on, but Tony Dungy won't call the win defining.

    Adam Vinatieri's clutch field goal proved the difference for the Colts, says Larry Weisman.

    The NFL's two best big-play offenses of the decade resorted to small ball, writes Rick Gosselin.

    Five things Don Banks learned from Patriots-Colts.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    The downward spiral continues for the Jaguars and linebacker Mike Peterson says "we haven't taken control of a game yet," writes Michael C. Wright.

    John Henderson could be in line for a suspension after he was ejected following a fight with Andrew Wentworth, says Vito Stellino.

    Gene Frenette's report card includes Fs for the rush offense and coaching.

    Frenette was struck by some laughter in the post-game locker room. I am always wary of interpreting such things without complete context.

    Tennessee Titans

    The Titans found another way to win, writes Jim Wyatt.

    Kyle Vanden Bosch took himself out of the game early with his groin injury, but his replacements fared well, according to The Tennessean's notebook.

    The Packers offense moved the ball well against the Titans, writes Gary Estwick.

    David Climer on how Rob Bironas recovered and hit the field goal to win the game.

    Joe Biddle says less than the Titans' best effort was good enough.

    The Tennessean's report card.

    Not a perfect game, but still a perfect record, says Terry McCormick.

    A closer look at three penalty calls in the game, from McCormick.

    The Titans aren't about style points, writes's Steve Wyche.

    Not flashy but still perfect, says Dan Pompei.

    The Titans aren't thinking they'll have an easier time in Chicago if Rex Grossman plays, according to Pompei.

    The Packers were impressed with Chris Johnson, writes Pete Dougherty.

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