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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Here's a look at how Jags-over-Texans and Titans-over-Vikings played in the papers and online.
    Please let me know if I missed something good with a note to the mailbag.
    Houston Texans
    Defense and special teams didn't hold up their ends as the Texans lost a heartbreaker, writes John McClain.
    The Texans offense came to life in Jacksonville, says McClain.
    Richard Justice says a close loss doesn't mean things are better for the Texans.
    David Garrard's running killed Houston, according to Megan Manfull.
    Safety C.C. Brown fractured a forearm and will miss some time, writes Manfull.
    Indianapolis Colts
    Casey Irsay, daughter of the Colts owner, has worked her way up in the family business. A good look behind the scenes by Mike Chappell.
    Coverage teams have been better for the Colts, writes Phil Richards.
    A Good Samaritan found and returned Tony Dungy's credit card, reports Mike Chappell.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    The Jaguars won on a last second field goal for the second week in a row. Michael C. Wright has the details.
    Gene Frenette says David Garrard picked up on the bailout theme and got the defense off the hook.
    Two weeks, two game-winning drives for Garrard, writes Vito Stellino.
    The Jaguars started without Reggie Nelson (knee) and lost Rashean Mathis (shin) in the second quarter, leaving a thinned out secondary for the Texans to pick apart, according to Hays Carlyon.
    Jerry Porter gets just one catch in his first game for the Jags, says Stellino.
    A trick play that worked gave the Jaguars a big boost, writes Tania Ganguli.
    Tennessee Titans
    The Titans show they are an AFC force, writes Tom Weir.
    As the Titans left the field, instead of "Here we go Titans, here we go," it was "4 and 0 Titans, 4 and 0,'' says Jim Wyatt.
    Gus Frerotte accused Kyle Vanden Bosch of a cheap shot, but KVB defends himself, writes Wyatt.
    The Titans' balance should concern everybody else in the AFC, says Clark Judge.
    Tennessee bullied the Vikings, says Thomas George of
    Tennessee's defense managed to slow down Adrian Peterson, writes Gary Estwick.
    David Climer says with Kerry Collins at quarterback, business is booming.
    Joe Biddle says everybody on defense contributed.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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