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    Good morning.
    Please read up.
    There willÂ*be a quiz later.
    Houston Texans
    The Texans are at their fork in the road, opines Steve Campbell.
    Defensively, Houston has to figure out the red zone, says Dale Robertson.
    Nobody in the Texans' secondary is more than a fourth-round draft pick, writes John McClain.
    Ahman Green will work as the second running back, according to Megan Manfull.
    McClain breaks down Colts-Texans, position-by-position.
    Indianapolis Colts
    It's Dirty Job Day at the Indianapolis Star. A look at the life of a punt-team gunner, by Phil Richards.
    Bob Kravitz says the Colts aren't in Panic City, but they are residing in the suburbs.
    With an open roof, the weather at Reliant Stadium will be in the middle 80s, says Mike Chappell.
    Dwight Freeney looks back on his high-school career.
    The history of the flying wedge, from the Indianapolis Star.
    Phillip B. Wilson's matchup page.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    The Steelers' injury report has 12 players on it, notes Michael C. Wright.
    Derrick Harvey is hungry for his first sack, according to Vito Stellino.
    Tennessee Titans
    Pete Prisco of has Albert Haynesworth as Defensive Player of the Year and Chris Johnson as offensive rookie of the year in his first quarter awards.
    Despite the fact that they are most analysts' choice as the best team in the AFC, the Titans hold on to silly idea that they are disrespected underdogs. Gary Estwick's story.
    Like a lot of young linebackers, Stephen Tulloch grew up a big admirer of Ray Lewis, according to Estwick.
    It's looking like Vince Young will be the Titans' No. 2 QB on Sunday, says Jim Wyatt.
    Keith Bulluck contemplates Ernie Davis, at the behest of Estwick.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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