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    The Colts and Titans made for a late night, so please forgive the "late" hour of your daily tour of the AFC South.

    Houston Texans

    • The Texans are gaining recognition as one of the league's more potent offense, writes John McClain.
    • Safeties Nick Ferguson and Eugene Wilson drew praise for their play, says McClain.
    • Andre Johnson is playing at an elite level, says Brooke Bentley of
    Indianapolis Colts

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Guard Chris Naeole is likely to miss the remainder of the season after suffering a broken hand in warm-ups before his first action of the year, according to Vito Stellino.
    • Jack Del Rio is searching for answers, writes Jim Nasella.
    • A Q&A with David Garrard.
    Tennessee Titans

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Not open for further replies.
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