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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Sep 13, 2008.

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    Posted by's Pat Yasinskas
    I'm pinch-hitting for Paul Kuharsky this morning. Time for a quick look at today's stories from the local newspapers:
    Rookie running back Justin Forsett, claimed off waivers from Seattle earlier this week, is expected to handle kickoff and punt returns against the Vikings.
    Cincinnati receiver Chad Ocho Cinco said all Tennessee cornerback Cortland Finnegan needs to do to become a Pro Bowler is open his mouth more often.
    Although receiver Jerry Porter has had two full weeks of practice on his surgically repaired hamstring, it's unlikely he'll play in the home opener.
    With Ahman Green nursing an ankle injury, the Texans will start rookie running back Steve Slaton on Monday night.

  2. titanbuoy

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    Damn, I thought Roby was doing pretty well on returns. The Colts Suck! (where have I heard that before?)
  3. cld12pk2go

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    He was until he fumbled a KOR.
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