Reading the coverage: Colts not happy about lack of holding calls

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Let's zip around the division. Be on the lookout for our weekly AFC South chat tomorrow at 3:00. Fire a note to the mailbag anytime.
    Houston Texans
    Texans fans are wondering, "How can 11 teams with worse records than the Texans in 2007 have a better record this season?" John McClain looks at that question and more.
    Matt Schaub will look to help carry over offensive intensity from the Indy game, says Megan Manfull.
    Gary Kubiak said fullback Vonta Leach was exceptional against the Colts, Writes Manfull. previews the Dolphins.
    Indianapolis Colts
    The NFL is on pace for the lowest total of holding calls in the last 10 years, and the Colts are not happy about it. A very good story from Phillip B. Wilson.'s weekly chat with Tony Dungy.
    Wilson's weekly preview page.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Matt Jones has avoided a trial on felony drug charges in Arkansas. He was scheduled to appear in court on Friday. According to Alex Abrams, Jones must complete a nine-month intervention program that includes 136 hours of group therapy and 30 hours of community service. He also must submit to at least 78 random drug tests.
    The Denver game will determine the Jaguars' fate, says Cole Pepper.
    A Q&A with Pierson Prioleau.
    Tennessee Titans
    Albert Haynesworth would like the Titans to trade for a big-name receiver, but Jeff Fisher said again it's unlikely, write Jim Wyatt and Gary Estwick.
    Wyatt's not expecting a special package for Vince Young any time soon.
    LenDale White said his limited carries against the Ravens were because of his shoulder injury, according to Terry McCormick

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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