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    <p><em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em></p> <p>Some headlines to help tide you over and get you ready for opening day of the NFL playoffs. I'm hardly alone in regarding this weekend and next as the four best days of the season.</p> <p>I'll be talking to you later from Qualcomm Stadium. It's a dreary, wet day in San Diego so far.</p> <p><strong>Houston Texans</strong></p> <p>The final defensive stats illustrate the <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">need for change</a> with the Texans, Megan Manfull writes.</p> <p><strong>Indianapolis Colts</strong></p> <p>Colts-Chargers pits <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">two indomitable quarterbacks</a>, writes Karen Crouse.</p> <p>Peyton Manning joins Brett Favre as a <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">three-time MVP</a>, says Mike Chappell.</p> <p>The Colts expect a <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">much better pass rush</a> than they got in last year's playoff loss to the Chargers, writes Chappell.</p> <p>Indy is wary of <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">receiver Vincent Jackson</a>, according to Phillip B. Wilson.</p> <p><a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">Stopping big plays</a> is another way the Colts can change their fortunes from some recent games against the Chargers, says Phil Richards.</p> <p>Who has <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">the edge</a>? Wilson takes a look.</p> <p>Another <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">matchup breakdown</a> from Justin A. Cohn.</p> <p>The Colts say they've <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">forgotten about</a> last year's loss to San Diego, says Cohn.</p> <p><strong>Jacksonville Jaguars</strong></p> <p>Police release <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">details</a> of Richard Collier's shooting, the Times-Union reports.</p> <p>It's going to be a <a href=",0,4396659.story" shape="rect" target="_blank">busy offseason</a> for Jack Del Rio, says Tania Ganguli.</p> <p><strong>Tennessee Titans</strong></p> <p>The Titans were the NFL's <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">best kickoff return team</a>, thanks in large part to Chris Carr, writes Jim Wyatt.</p> <p>Tight end Bo Scaife, a free-agent to be, is <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">hoping to stay</a> with the Titans, says Gary Estwick.</p> <p>The grounds crew has put down <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">new sod</a> at LP Field to be ready for the Titans Jan. 10 playoff game, reports Wyatt.</p> <p>Albert Haynesworth says his knee is <a href="" shape="rect" target="_blank">feeling better</a>, according to Wyatt.</p>

Thread Status:
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