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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Good morning from Houston, where I have sifted through the headlines to give you an easy click-and-read opportunity to see what's been written.

    The AFC South blog will soon be on the way back to Nashville and I'll bring you more from the division when I get back.

    We've had a two-week hiatus on the chat, so put Thursday'sÂ*in your date book: 3:00 p.m. right here.

    Houston Texans

    • The Texans dominated the first "Monday Night Football" game in Houston since 1994, writes John McClain.
    • Richard Justice says the Texans did well to make a good first impression on "Monday Night Football."
    • Mario Williams tormented David Garrard and got three sacks and a forced fumble, says Dale Robertson.
    • Steve Slaton is closing in on 1,000 yards, writes Megan Manfull.
    • All of a sudden, the Texans are forcing turnovers, says Manfull.
    Indianapolis Colts

    • Injuries continue to pile up for the Colts. Linebacker Gary Brackett looks to be out at least a week and defensive tackle Keyunta Dawson will be gone longer than that, writes Phil Richards.
    • Just a couple of plays have made a huge difference for the Colts this season. Mike Chappell breaks them down.
    • The Colts rank fifth in brand strength among 122 major pro sports franchises, according to the second annual Turnkey Team Brand Index, published in Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal.
    • Indy isÂ*hopeful Bob Sanders will play Sunday against Cincinnati, according to Tom James.
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Gene Frenette says David Garrard was unable to lift a listless offense.
    • There is no sign things will get better soon for the Jaguars, says Frenette.
    • Rashean Mathis didn't finish the game in Houston because of a knee injury, writes Vito Stellino.
    • The Jaguars are now at the bottom of the AFC South. Michael C. Wright wonders if they've quit.
    • Bad starts are killing the Jags, writes Stellino.
    • The man accused of shooting Richard Collier appears in court.
    Tennessee Titans

    • The Titans draw Ken Dorsey at quarterback for the Browns on Sunday, says Jim Wyatt.
    • Another look at Cleveland's quarterback situation, from Terry McCormick.
    • The Titans are wary of the Browns defense, says Gary Estwick.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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