Reading the coverage: Are Colts back in line for a title run?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Back from Chicago, sorry for the late start.

    Just read everything I could on the AFC South and now invite you to do the same.

    Houston Texans

    The Texans were pathetic in losing to the Ravens, writes John McClain. Gary Kubiak tried to take the blame, but you've got to like what Chester Pitts said: "I'm tired of coaches shouldering the blame for players."

    Richard Justice said he saw an alarming lack of heart and resilience and wonders about the job security of defensive coordinator Richard Smith.

    Sage Rosenfels' month as a fill-in for Matt Schaub started miserably, says Dale Robertson.

    Houston's defense didn't hold up against the Ravens and Gary Kubiak expected more, says Megan Manfull.

    John McClain blogs that he was an idiot to pick the Texans over the Ravens and that the Texans are a joke.

    Andre Johnson is cooling off.

    Indianapolis Colts

    The Colts converted turnovers into points to beat the Steelers, writes Phil Richards.

    Thanks to a gritty performance, Indianapolis is back in line for a title run, opines Bob Kravitz. Also, Marvin Harrison looks to be going through the motions.

    Kravitz' report card includes an A+ for run defense.

    Perseverance paid off, says Mike Chappell.

    Reggie Wayne's big day included two catches of tipped balls, writes Chappell.

    Ben Roethlisberger takes the blame for the Pittsburgh loss, says Phillip B. Wilson.

    Indy leaned on defense to win in Pittsburgh, says Jarrett Bell.

    The Colts played like a desperate team, says Vic Carucci of

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Reggie Hayward said the win in Detroit was the Jaguars' first complete game of the year, writes Vito Stellino.

    Gene Frenette's report card includes an A for coaching.

    For at least one Sunday, the Jaguar rushing offense gets on track, says Michael C. Wright.

    In all, 10 Jaguars were fined as a result of the John Henderson-Andrew Wentworth fight in last week's Jacksonville-Cincinnati game.

    The Lions helped cure the Jaguars' sack woes, too, as they got seven, according to Wright.

    Fred Taylor passes 11,000 yards with one of his idols, Barry Sanders, watching, says Mark Snyder.

    Tennessee Titans

    The Titans are sitting on cloud 9-0, writes Jim Wyatt.

    David Climer considers the undefeated Titans with help from Bears cornerback Nathan Vasher, who said: "They don't look like a dominant team. But they keep winning games. You've got to respect them for that."

    Don Banks wonders how you stop the Titans now that they have proved they don't have to run to win.

    Alex Marvez offers his take on the Titans' ability to adapt.

    Brandon Jones looked pretty good for a team that takes a lot of heat about its receivers, says Gary Estwick.

    Fullback Ahmard Hall lamented a goal line fumble in The Tennessean's notebook.

    The Titans defense settled down after an early drive by the Bears, according to Estwick.

    Climer's four downs.

    Wyatt's report card. How often do you see an F in a win? The rushing offense certainly deserved it.

    Pittsburgh's loss helps the Titans as they look to secure homefield in the playoffs, says Terry McCormick.

    The Bears didn't measure up to Tennessee, says Mike Downey.

    After bagging a six-pointer hunting on Friday, Kerry Collins threw two six-pointers against the Bears, says Mike Dodd.

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