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    As it pours in Nashville, I'm making it rain stories from around the AFC South...

    Houston Texans

    The Chronicle's matchup page.

    Jerome Solomon says Gary Kubiak's job could hinge on the season's second half.Â*

    Bart Scott says the Ravens have to worry more about Steve Slaton, says Megan Manfull.

    Xavier Adibi will get worked in on defense, writes Manfull.

    Houston cameraman Doug Biggers recorded Jared Allen apologizing to Matt Schaub after the Texans-Vikings game, according to John McClain.

    Deep inside the numbers is some good news, suggests Richard Justice

    Indianapolis Colts

    Bob Sanders and Troy Polamalu will stand out Sunday because of their speed, writes Phil Richards.

    Hall of Fame safety Ken Houston looks closely at Sanders and Polamalu.

    Anthony Gonzalez is hardly just a slot guy, says Mike Chappell. In high school, Gonzalez was a soccer guy first.

    Hines Ward takes a different approach to blocking, writes Phillip B. Wilson.

    Tony Dungy respects the way Ward plays, says Tom James.

    A look at the next four games for the Colts and the teams they will be jostling with for a Wild Card spot.

    The Indianapolis Star staff picks the Colts-Steelers game.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jack Del Rio and Mike Peterson are scheduled to sit down and hash things out today, according to Michael C. Wright.

    Gene Frenette says the soap opera needs a quick conclusion.

    Matt Jones wonders when Joey Porter became commissioner, says Vito Stellino.

    The Lions have dealt with disappointment more than the Jaguars.

    Cole Pepper says the Del Rio-Mike Peterson incident is the Jaguars' watershed moment.

    Tennessee Titans

    Chris Johnson is coming off his most well-rounded game yet, says Gary Estwick.

    Another look at CJ from Terry McCormick.

    Jevon Kearse will appeal a $7,500 fine for a horse collar tackle of Aaron Rodgers, according to Jim Wyatt.

    The undefeated Titans are built just the way Jeff Fisher likes, writes John McClain.

    Justin Gage returns to Chicago a lot different player than he was for the Bears, writes McCormick.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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