Re-watched game focusing on Schwenke and Warmack

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    For his first NFL start Schwenke did a great job. He does a good job of sealing off and getting a good push. Moved better in space than I thought he would. He did give up 2 of the sacks though. One of them was just a straight up whiff on MacDonald. The other one Smith stunted inside and Schwenke was late trying to pick him up.

    On one play Warmack and Schwenke double teamed the NT and absolutely buried him.

    Warmack is still really struggling when trying to deal with the speed of the Lbers. He is getting in position at the 2nd level, but just missing the blocks. He was solid in pass protection.

    Walker whiffed badly on one draw play that the rest of the line had blocked fairly well. He also had a hold that hurt.

    The OL did a better job of getting down field on a few screens to both CJ and the WRs.

    CJ did a very good job of picking up the free blitzer and really putting his whole body into it.

    Drops and penalties killed drive after drive, but we were moving the ball.

    I'm more excited now to see us run with power behind our 2 rookies. Also will have the addition of a healthy Green as well.
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    I was focused in on those 2 also. Happy to see plan-B working, Turner had to go.
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    It will take a lil bit for the line and tight ends to get used to eachother. It takes chemistry and as long as we can keep this line and group of players together, it should only get better
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    I was happy with how they performed, especially against the 49ers -- one of the better front 7s in the league.

    Now if we could only get a RB worth a damn.
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    We have CJ who will only look better if the oline can keep it up. Look at AP this year, facing stacked boxes and bad oline play. Its not just CJ it was the oline too. If AP looking below average this year doesnt show that can happen to anyone, idk what will
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    People love to hate CJ I think.
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    Its his contract. People expect results by the contract he got. While i used to be the sameway, sometimes u resign players worth more then they are. In the NBA it happens all the time. Now i believe CJ is still a top 10 back. No homer or bias. But when u have bad play around him, it will effect both parties. Look at what CJ has done with space this year, he scored yesterday and one against KC. Both good defenses and with space he took it the distance. If u have all this speed but have nowhere to run, what good will that do?? Look at whats happened to AP, people are wondering what is wrong with him. But when its happened to CJ its oh CJ sucks. Look past the contract and look at the problem. Should be fixed, our oline played better and lets hope we keep that up
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    CJ had a better average this game with schwenke in. I think we can build off of that. Schwenke also had a key block that led CJ to score on that screen play.
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    That is totally untrue, at least in my case it is. I love CJ as a player but when I think that he's being paid 9-10 million per year I just don't think he's playing up to that salary. Love him but, again, he's just not worth that kind of money.
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    I think the Titans inserted Schwenke and Locker in the 49er game to allow everyone a little more time to gel. They knew that the 49er game was not a must-win, but you sure can't drop any of the easier ones upcoming. Use the 49er game as a dress rehearsal for the 2nd half of the season. Smash the Rams, Bite the Jags, Kick the Colts....make the playoffs.
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