RB/WR Start Conundrum! Also big trade question.

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by TitansFanMan, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. TitansFanMan

    TitansFanMan Camp Fodder

    Let me start by saying I've been on this board for awhile but I never post, always read the good discussions however...

    Okay, onto Fantasy Football, I'm in a (mostly) standard 12 team Yahoo League with friends that we've been doing for 3 years now, and I'm torn a bit at who to start at 2 positions: 3rd WR and RB/WR flex...

    - At WR I know for sure 2 of my 3 WR's will be Steve Smith (CAR), and Wes Welker, but I have a 3rd WR spot I can't decide.

    - At RB I know for sure I'm starting Peterson (MIN), and Ray Rice, but my RB/WR flex is still up in the air.

    So to fill up 3rd WR and my flex here are my options...

    - WR: Desean Jackson VS Car, Vincent Jackson VS Oak, Chris Henry (CIN) VS Den, or Devin Hester VS GB (but not really an option I'd concider).

    - RB: Felix Jones VS TB, Chester Taylor VS Cle, Darren McFadden VS SD, or James Davis VS Min (AGAIN not concidering).

    Also, my friend who constantly tells me how horrid the Titans as a whole are, is looking to trade Chris Johnson. He's a big Oakland fan so he's looking to get McFadden. He's short on WR depth badly so that's what I'm thinking could nab me our #28. Now obviously I have to give up more to get Johnson, what seems like a good, fair trade to make to snatch up Mr. 4.24, especially after a very average night against the best defense Pittsburgh, which he's of course using as evidence Chris Johnson sucks. :ha:

    On a funny note he also has Tenn's defense which he now says is untradable, oh how one night changes everything. :grrhee:

    Also starting Matt Hasselbeck VS Stl OVER Phillip Rivers VS Oak, do you agree with this?

    Just looking to get some input. Thanks.
  2. Tuckfro42

    Tuckfro42 Frozen Donkey Wheel

    At WR, either Jackson is a good play. You might even start both, one at flex. I like those two over your RBs. If you had to choose a RB, go with Taylor.

    As for the trade, throw in Hester or Henry. Either one is worth getting CJ. McFadden will be injured by week 3 anyway.

    Oh, and I'd start Rivers until you know for certain that Hasselbeck is back to form.
  3. TitansFanMan

    TitansFanMan Camp Fodder

    Thanks, I was thinking about the 2 WR strategy but I've been more leaning towards Taylor at the flex with D. Jackson at WR3.

    And it's funny cause I offered him both of those trades. He denied them. So then I went a little farther out to get a player I thought would have a big year, I offered him D. McFadden and D. Jackson for C. Johnson and he said "No I want a starter."

    ........That's about when I decided it was a lost cause. Especially when his 3rd wide receiver is Chris FREAKING Chambers, and his next best after that is Miles Austin. He's not looking to make a fair deal. Lost cause.
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