RB Depth Jalen Parmele and Jackie Battle

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Jul 25, 2013.

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    nope ben tate is a stud.
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    Battle probably sticks but is he not greene? He doesn't cost 10 million either. Who is the kick returner is the question because I would only keep 3 backs.
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    Greene >> Battle

    I like Battle as the #3 RB. He runs tough, and I could see him getting some carries this year... but he really doesn't have much to his game other than pushing the pile and trying to run people over. Greene is a power back, but is also much more elusive than I thought he would be. He can truck you for the 1 or 2 tough yards for the 1st, but he can hit a hole and pick up a big gain too. Battle can be good in small doses, but I wouldn't want to rely on him if CJ were to go down. I would be fine with Greene as the starter if CJ went down (god forbid)
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    Greene's college highlight tape is extremely impressive and he always ran well in NY. I never understood why so many on here were hating on him.
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    I don't know how true this may turn out to be or not to be but i read a comment from Webster a few months back where he stated that if Greene had a pretty good season that he could possibly replace C.J. as the starting back in 2014 if the team decides for some reason C.J.'s cap number is too high.Of course he was saying Greene would be a much cheaper option and that could be something that is looked at.

    As far as i'm concerned if C.J. is still dangerous and able to still play at a high level i think they would definitely need to keep him because he is a big weapon on offense.We should definitely keep both C.J. and Greene in the backfield especially if they are successful this season.We've learned a lesson in the past getting rid of talent too soon due to cap concerns.You do whatever it takes to keep C.J. on the team if push comes to shove and you definitely don't go getting rid of him and then drafting another back because we've been snakebit quite a bit recently drafting RB's.
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    My first post when I heard we got Battle:

    JC's response to my post:

    Lololololololololol if JC were an NFL team he'd be the Jags.
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    I was gonna say the Jets, TE can be the Jags, he provides comic relief.

    You can be the Ravens.
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    Well, I was gonna say Raiders or Jets. But since the Jags have the least fans of any pro sports team on the planet, are in our division, and Parmele played for them it just made more sense.

    I guess I'm the World Champion then.
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    Via referee
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    No he's not.

    Kathy Bates could run behind that line of theirs. It's the same exact blocking scheme that the Broncos ran when Kubiak was there. Remember all those no name scrubs that ran all over the place for them?

    That's the exact same reason Foster and Tate look so good.