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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Vigsted, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. titansfan9

    titansfan9 Camp Fodder

    Guys, guys. What does it matter, that was 7 years ago, come on. I mean, forgive the guy he made a mistake, but he wasn't proven guilty. And he is a man of God, when he speaks he comes off as a intelligent, inspirational, leader. And thats what we need. I don't know why you guys hate this guy. Im pretty sure he won't kill no. He seems like a great guy, and a great player. Btw we are talking about the best for our football team, and you guys would hate to have him over your personal bias'. Its rediculous, Ray Lewis is not a thug, Ray Lewis is not a bad guy, but that incident made him look like one. I would love to have Ray, he brings intensity, and speed at the MLB spot, so I don't see what the problem with him is.

    Titans Trade
    RB Chris Brown
    2nd Round Draft Pick
    2007 3rd Round Draft Pick

    Ravens Trade
    LB Ray Lewis
    RB Jamal Lewis (S&T)
  2. titansfan9

    titansfan9 Camp Fodder

    btw, on NFL Network Ray Lewis said he really liked McNair
  3. maximus

    maximus Starter

    I bet he likes McNair, RayRay always had good days verses McNair
  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Now Henry can have a drug hook-up inside the locker room! :ha:
    He'll have a UT connection...
  5. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    NO!! Jamal Lewis is not worth Chris Brown and a 3rd round pick, no way. If Ray Lewis hadn't been injuried most of the past year I might have given up a second for him, but nothing more. As it is now I'm not even sure I would do that. And the Ravens would basically have to me pay me to take Jamal Lewis... well not really, but he would have to be cheap, I'm not sure he will be back to the same level as he was before jail.
  6. Delaware Titan

    Delaware Titan Camp Fodder

    I would take Ray Ray in a heart beat. The dude is a warrior on Sundays and would provide the leadership that we have been lacking. Lets not hold something that he was found not guilty of 7 years ago against him. I would not mortgage the franchise to get him, but no one can deny that on the field he would make our defense a heck of alot better.
  7. I think that Ray Lewis is a great player, and him a the kieth bullock combination at linebacker would be amazing, they are the two fastest and surest tacklers that i have seen at the position, but ray leads his defense and keith bullock does that for us, and if he came in it might controversal over who steps up and leads them in the huddle, and ray is used to being the best on the team on defence not that it would matter but i think think that bullock is better than him just my 2 sense
  8. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    Exactly - and for all the obvious reasons plus the pratical one that all the Titans need is another player waiting in the infirmary before they hit the exit. Get someone who not only wants to play here, but will play here even if they get a boo-boo
  9. TitanGuy

    TitanGuy Hey, Mama Rock Me...

    Pitt is cool it's better than the stack team seahawks

    go roethlisberger............spellcheck. . . check
  10. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    So does Micheal Irvin...:brow:

    But seriously, folks: Ray-ray can still play. He's instinctive, and works amazingly hard to get better (see the segment from ESPN on he and Ed Reed watching game film together...they're amazing). I'd be leery about his injuries more than the other thing. Those guys that were killed weren't saints (N.O. or otherwise)...Just the same, I'm thinking draft a fresh product vice take another injury-prone LB.
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