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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Riverman

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    As much as it hurts it is time to start thinking about the next few years to "re-build". I know this round won't be as extensive as previously, but it will be significant with potential losses of LenDale, KVB, Bulluck, and Scaife. The issue of a coaching shake-up is also a realistic concern.

    Honestly, I don't see Fisher being here. I don't know his contract status, but I believe the fan base won't tolerate this year's failed attempt to get to the playoffs as this is his 3rd attempt to build a SB winner. If Adams and Fisher's contract permits, I also think that Jerry Jones is going to throw alot of money at Fisher to bring him to the Dallas Palace.

    Nobody likes losing, especially me, but this season is a wash. The probability we win out and something happens to get the Colts off the top of the division (let alone Hou and Jac not holding on) is miniscule as well as a wildcard slot. I'd rather we play Vince, Ringer our rookies and let them develop and see who is worth keeping.

    The losses would be bad but necessary like medicine to help us re-build in the draft. We might even get a QB like Clausen if it appeared that Vince hasn't improved.

    Anyway- save your inflammatory rhetoric responses as I really would like for this to be an even-keeled discussion of an issue that nobody really likes to talk about.
  2. Subjugation

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    The problem I see moving forward is that regardless of the QB situation, we are screwed for 2-3 years on that front. Whoever they draft, they are not going to throw him out there like they did with VY so we are looking at 2 years from now until a new young QB will even take the field, then we have to start talking about 1-2 years from that point until he is worthy of taking someone to the SB.

    Now if we have an extra thing that can compensate for QB great! We can stay competitive. Unfortunately, Our defense is about to get gutted. Guys like Vandenbosch, Bullock, Harper, and Kearse are gone and there are no stuf replacements standing by. Thorton is Old, and the 3 amigos in the DB department are getting torched this season.

    On offense, my instinct tells me Lendale is about to leave town. Our offense has Britt and CJ but Britt is useless with nobody to thrpw to him, and without a QB CJ int surprising anyone so the O is screwed until we get a threat at QB.

    Last but not least we have the coaching staff, which in my opinion 1 of 2 things will happen. Either they will be replaced and the revuilding will commence, or this current staff willl run the team into the ground and 2 years from now, we as fans will be suffering.

    the issue I have is accountability. Fisher seems to keep his job at all costs. How many times do the Titans need to start 0-4/1-4, etc with promising teams before Fisher gets called a coach who doesnt properly prepare his teams? How many times are the Titans going to let a team come into the coliseum in the PLayoffs and beat us down because we are unprepared? \

    Lethargic play=outcoached
    0-4 start for superbowl contender=outcoached
    worst pass defense in the NFL=Outcoached
    worst pass defense with 3 pro bowl DB's= retarded defensive coordinator(literally. Dude has a drug problem, or family issues or something cause he is the worst DC I have ever seen)

    I mean and those are just the obvious issues we have seen thus far. The coach is to blame, yet we all know we are going to start getting the "I want to win Mr Adams a Superbowl" speech in december and January when we are all hiding our Titans shirts and walking around depressed while he is walking around with a fake tan in January. Its ridonkulous, someone on the Titans has to fear for their job, I mean if there is no consequences for sucking the way this team sucks, then nobody has to change anything. Regardless of what cliche people want to spit out, winning comes after getting paid. This coaching staff is paid. They got their money, if they dont fear losing it do to losing, losing isnt "that bad".
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  3. onthemove

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    This is a better idea than going over the top, wishing for the 'dream' coach.

    Eddy said it, and I agree- I also like the 49ers DC Greg Manuski as the next head coach. D-minded coaches tend to fare better in football, so he would be a great addition.

    Also put in someone who can turn secondaries into a top notch pass defense- Dave Merritt the secondary coach from the Giants comes to mind. They play in a tough NFC East and still don't let anyone throw at them- that's remarkable.

    Getting old new coaches won't help us. Time to get over it.

    Oh, and if he declares for the draft at the end of this season, we should consider getting Greg McElroy from Bama- he's from Texas and extremely confident at what he does, but he's not at all the Vince Young type. He will tear every team apart with his quick wits and cannon arm the rest of this year. Check him out this season and you'll know what I mean.

    If this means having another 2-3 year rebuilding project to get the next QB acclimated into the NFL while we sign a "relief pitcher," so be it. We all know what starting Stafford early has done to the Lions. So much for his rookie salary. Let our next guy learn, and yes no one likes this going forward talk, but at this point, we can't be picky. I hope we consider this as an alternative to more losing seasons that may lie ahead for us.
  4. amy

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    The Bronos seemed to setting the world on fire with their young coach. I'm old and I know that 99% of the time, old people simply do not change with the times, don't have the fire to change, and that's why we need to clean house. We have too many old players and way too many old coaches, not to mention a VERY old owner!

    I think I'll go take my geritol now!!
  5. onthemove

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    I have nothing against Clausen, but he's better known for putting up big numbers than his wits and leadership abilities. Which do you favor in an NFL QB? high numbers (Drew Brees) or sheer intelligence (Matt Ryan)?
  6. onthemove

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    My last two posts certainly account for the need to clean house, no doubt about that. I just figured what we've all said thus far are indeed some big steps in the right direction. If we're to reestablish ourselves, Bud would either have to transfer ownership of the team to someone else or suck it up, either way.
  7. Jedimasterbyrd

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    I'm saying we sign/trade for Jason Campbell and retool the defense. KVB and Keith are probably gone. So is Bo and Lendale. We're drafting a corner or Linebacker first.
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  8. TBC_titan

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    Amy I don't mean to get too much off topic here but concerning the bold,
    IMO, that is no one's fault but their own.
    I've met several older people like that (including relatives) and I have no sympathy for them, especially ones who were still mentally sound enough to keep up with the times.
    I've been to company meetings where a speaker has come out and explained how big companies have went under because they refused to change with the times.
    And given the economy right now, this is another knock on older people refusing to stay current with technology:

    Seriously, what hiring manager of any company that uses PCs for their operation would hire not only an older person that didn't have PC skills, but one who refused to stay with the times?
  9. TorontoTitanFan

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    I think this team has more key pieces already in place than many of us realize. I don't think rebuilding has to be a major project and I think it can be done in a short period of time.

    On offense, the line is looking pretty good. Both tackles are excellent and are signed to long-term deals for not that much money. How many teams can say that? Harris can step in and play center when Mawae retires (which should be after this season) and it isn't hard to find serviceable guards for cheap. The line will be fine. So will the run game, as CJ and Ringer (assuming Lendale leaves) will be a solid backfield and it would be very easy to bring in a cheap vet if necessary. The WRs are actually looking decent for once, as Britt seems to be a stud-in-the-making and Washington can be a useful piece. I have faith that Scaife will be re-signed (it's not like he's having a monster year that is driving his price up) unless the FO is confident that Cook can take his place. Either way, we'll be okay at TE.

    The missing piece is a QB. I think the Titans need to draft a QB in the first round of the 2010 draft. It needs to be a pure passer, not an "athletic" QB like Vince Young. Someone who can read defenses, make accurate throws and stretch the field with deep passes.

    If the Titans draft the right guy, they could be competitive immediately. It's a myth that the team will have to wait 2-3 years for a rookie QB to develop. If that's the case, then the team didn't draft the right guy. Look at some recent examples: Roethlisberger (15-1 as a rookie, won Super Bowl in his 2nd year), Matt Ryan (playoffs as a rookie), Joe Flacco (AFC Championship game as a rookie), Sanchez this year. Even if we do have to wait for a bit of development, it should only take a a season or so. Guys like Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers stepped in and performed well after a short development period. A FA QB (such as Jason Campbell, whom many of us like) could be brought in to bridge the gap if the drafted QB needs to sit for one season.

    The key is finding the right QB. It appears that the FO missed badly with VY and the team is still suffering. The right guy isn't usually the one who the "draft experts" think is the best. It's not the guy who had all the accolades in college. It sure as hell isn't Tim Tebow. Guys who become good pro passers aren't always stars in college. Many people thought Matt Ryan wasn't deserving of being a top 5 pick because he threw too many interceptions in college. Many people had Joe Flacco rated below Brian Brohm, Chad Henne and even John David Booty.

    Reinfeldt has shown an ability to find the right guy (CJ, Britt) when all the experts thought he would take someone else, so I would really like to see who he could find at QB. A draft pick in the range of 6-12 (which is where I expect the Titans to be) will be perfect. The right player will be there for the taking and the Titans won't have to give him a totally ridiculous salary (like the guys in the top 5 get).

    On defense, there are definitely some holes to be filled, but I don't see it as anything too severe. The secondary is far stronger than it has looked this year. Only Harper needs to be replaced and I'm confident that Mouton or McCourty can do that. At LB, Bulluck and Thornton will probably have to be replaced (if not next year, then soon) and Tulloch will have to step up as a leader of the defense. At least 2 new DEs will be needed to replace Kearse and Vandenbosch, so that is a major area of concern. I think the team will be okay at DT (it would be very nice if Marks would develop).

    Mid-round draft picks and a few key free agent signings will have to suffice for replenishing the defense. It would be nice if the team still had a 2nd round pick to use on a great LB or DE prospect (since it will be pretty high), but there's no point worrying about that now.

    The final piece that needs to be addressed is the coaching staff. I still support Fisher, but I would not necessarily be opposed to seeing a new staff and a new outlook in Tennessee. It would have to be the right coach, though. Luckily, this seems to be the year to change coaches because the field is so deep. With Shanahan, Holmgren and Cowher all out there, there will be lots to choose from. I wouldn't like to see any of those guys hired (with the exception of maybe Cowher, but he would never come to Tennessee). Let the Cowboys and Redskins fight over those guys and the Titans can swoop in and grab the best young coach out there. I don't know who it would be at this time, but there has to be someone. Jason Garrett's name has been brought up, but I don't know enough about him to say whether I think he's the guy.
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  10. Riverman

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    Nice posts folks. I'm getting clobbered at work right now- I'll weigh in after lunch. I appreciate the rational tone to your posts.
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