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    so now that the season is pretty much over, how do you guys feel now about our 2012 draft class?
  2. Finnegan2win

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    I would say the poll is accurate.
  3. xpmar9x

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    Kendall Wright - 62 rec, 586 yards, 4 TDs - Pretty pedestrian numbers. I thought he was a "deep threat", but he's more of a "short catch and make a move" guy. Problem is he didn't really make a ton of moves. He didn't have one 10 catch game or a 100 yard game all season. He's given a ton of screens, and normally nothing happens. Party because our OL pulls suck for downfield blocking. Secondily, because he doesn't wait for the blocks to develop. For a "big play" guy to only have 2 plays of 30+ yards is disappointing. There was other talent on the board.. a ton of DL and DeCastro. Still confused by this draftpick, however with a steady OC I think he can still be a legit target. Britt - Wright can make a solid receiving duo, gotta get Locker more consistent and a better playcaller. Looking at other [later] draft picks like Josh Gordon & TY Hilton make me sad. Kendalls Grade: C+

    Zach Brown: 80 Tkls, 4.5 Sacks, 1 FF, 1 INT - As of late he's been playing at an extreme level. Initially I was down of this draft pick. Thought Will Witherspoon had another year, just spent a 2nd on Ayers.. he was "allergic to contact", boy was I wrong. Brown has had an amazing year. Everything seems to be clicking, he's a stud at OLB. Would like to see him improve with coverage, 4.4 speed would be nice to guard those TEs. Brown/Ayers are our future stars. Browns Grade: A

    Mike Martin: 34 tkls and 2 sacks. I love Martin at Michigan and after watching him dominate the combine I wanted the Titans to draft him... in the second round. We'll he fell to the 3rd, and i'm happy he did. He put up really good numbers to start the year, this his snaps started to reduce? Who knows why.. for some reason Marks gets like 80% of the snaps. Martin is a stud, you saw that Indy play when he busted through the line at the goalline and tackled the RB behind the LOS. That's the explosiveness he has, hopefully Marks is gone and Martin gets to start all of next year. Martins Grade: B

    Coty Sensabaugh: 25 tackles. Was limited to STs to start the year, now is our #3. I think he's still a little raw. He's got average size and good speed, I think he has good potential. But he needs alot of work. He's held his own and hasn't got burnt yet, but I also haven't seen anything that's wowed me. For a fourth rounder, i'm content. Hard to judge him on little playing time. Sensabaughs Grade: B-

    Taylor Thompson: 3 rec, 19 yards. He's a monster at 6'6 280. He switched from DE to TE. He's learning a new system and hes got stone hands. Being a #3 TE he does't see alot of playing time.. would like to see him more with Cook out. He can block though, who remembers that pancake on Reynaulds return? Wow! For a firth rounder you don't anticipate a lot of #s, that size is there and you can't teach that. Thompsons Grade: C+

    Markelle Martin: I liked this guy at Ok St, I actually thought he was going to go late 2nd-early 3rd. Fell to the 6th due to injuries, and he was hurt all year. I think he could start to see some playing time next year, but hopefully we find a better SS and he doesn't have to. Will likely be a special teamer unless someone gets hurt next year. Perhaps some playing time, but he should be on the team over Rojo/Babs. Martins Grade: INC

    Scott Solomon: Solomon saw very limited time, as you expect from a 7th Rounder. He was starting to get time, then he got hurt. Solomon: C-

    Overall: Still scratching my head on the Kendall pick. We had Britt coming back (hopefully) and Nate, DWIll, and Hawkins were all 3 coming off career years. I didn't think we needed a WR in the 1st, especially with holes at OG/OC/DE. I don't have any huge issues with the following picks now, besides Kendall.
    Overall: B-
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  4. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    not really happy with the Wright pick.. but he'll be an ok player.
    Brown was a good pick
    martin was a decent pick, time will tell.

    Thompson has done well considering his situation coming in.

    Looks a heck of a lot better than some of our past drafts, but who knows how they look in 3 years or so... Lots of people have the good rookie years, and never return to form (Jason Jones)
  5. xpmar9x

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    I think Wright will be good. Just need to get an OC and more consitency out of Locker. He makes rookie mistakes still, and that hopefully with go away.

    I love Martin, I think he'll be a stud. Casey helps him a ton. Speaking of Casey, people seriously undervalue Casey. That dude can ball.
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    I don't see how you could give it anything higher than a C at this point. Brown looks like a potential home run. Wright has been solid, but hardly a big difference maker. Everyone else has been somewhere between non-existent and sufficient.

    Still too early to be calling it though.

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    I just voted, this thread was from the Spring time, maybe we should remake the thread?

    I was on the fence between and C and B grade, went with B, but I know what you mean, aside from Wright and Brown no one has shown much. But thats the thing, those other guys were never suppose to be needed this year, so IMO it's too soon to say what they are or aren't. Take Verner and McCourty for instance, neither of those guys were any good as rookies, now they're our best players.
  8. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    I gave it a B even considering the shortcomings.

    Most of our drafts are awful.. so for this one... definitely a B.

    We've never had an A draft since the birth of the Tennessee Titans, from what I recall.

    2000 is probably the closest we've come, with Bulluck in the 1st, Kinney (Who wasn't that great, but one of my favorites) in the 3rd, and Sirmon in the 4th. So I guess that one deserves an A maybe, but that was nearly 13 years ago.

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    No Titans draft deserves an A, not one.
  10. steverife

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    I just like that we are drafting people and they are getting looks.

    I won't really comment at this point, because so many guys flash then regress. Wright could disappear, or he could have an 80/1000/10 season next year. Brown looks like he could be a star. Martin and Sensabaugh could develop into solid contributors, or this might be their limit.

    Right now, I'm pretty excited.