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Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by TBaker34, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. RavensShallBurn

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    I am really high on Brown and Garcon this year. I've been trying to get them on my teams depending on who I've drafted beforehand... obviously AJ and Julio will be good too. I hate Shonn Greene. Skeptical on Stevie.
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    I hate Shonn as well but I needed another RB and he was the best left. And Stevie scares me to. But they won't play much
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    Ok, I just drafted this team in my 12 team money league...

    QB: Matt Ryan
    WR1: Andre Johnson
    WR2: Percy Harvin
    WR3: Nate Washington
    RB1: Lesean McCoy
    RB2: MJD
    Flex: Shonn Green
    TE: Brandon Pettigrew
    Def: Baltimore
    K: Stephen Gostkowski
    Bench:Joe Flacco, Kenny Britt, Austin Collie, Isaac Redman, Reshard Mendenhall, Devone Bess

    I realize how risky my team is because of MJD and Britt, but I just couldn't resist at where they fell to me...lmk what you think of my chances..
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    You are boom or bust.
  5. Scarecrow

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    I can't let myself take Titan players. I have Locker in one of my leagues, but I got him through waivers. Nate is a steal there and I have been burned by Britt before. This year, I tried going with solid, less injury prone guys as possible. It may be rough at the start, but I think when other injuries and byes come into play, I will be set.
  6. Obie09

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    Mccoy with 4th pick, (two people didn't show to draft, one was third pick and autopicked Mathews lol. Got Brees with my next pick which I'm guessing was like 20th?
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  8. SawdustMan

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    Wow. Nice. Brees went 2nd and 5th overall in both of my leagues.
  9. RavensShallBurn

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    You must be playing in a league where passing TDs are 6 points and INTs only -1 point.
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    My Important League: (7th pick out of 10 teams)

    QB: Cam Newton, Ryan Fitzpatrick (drafted but dropped Jake Locker)

    WR: Mega-Tron, Julio Jones, Hakeem Nicks, Dwayne Bowe, Santonio Holes, Brandon LaFell

    RB: Michael Turner, Peyton Hillis, Beanie Wells, Pierre Thomas

    TE: Brandon Pettigrew, Jared Cook

    K: Dan Bailey

    DEF: NY Giants, Buffalo

    I have a huuuuge Cam Newton "man-crush" ever since he came into the league - so I had to have him no matter what this year, even though somewhat of a sophmore slump is expected.

    My strong point is obviously WR. I didnt expect to grab Mega-Tron in round 1 and had my finger on the button on McFadden, that was until Calvin fell to 7. Then add in Julio, Hakeem and Bowe all in the starting lineup and that is just sick.

    Weak-point obviously RB and this is a ppr league. Turner sucks in ppr but I panicked and loaded up on to many WR (for trading purposes) so I'm hoping he has 1 more dominate year left in the tank, especially in a up-tick Atlanta offense. Hillis is in a contract year and reuintes with a former coach he had with Cleveland, now in KC so he will definetly have a bounce-back year playing for that cash-money.

    If you don't get the top 3 TE's this year, the plan is TO WAIIIIIT ... So many good tight ends this year and up-and-comers so I waited a bit. Wanted Olsen to pair for Newton who is in line as Carolina's only TE and in for a big year.

    Buffalo is my sleeper team this year and more importantly "Sleeper Defense". Added in is Mario Williams and more defensive draft picks. There first 3 matchups are against: Jets, Chiefs and Browns. Weeks 11-17 are as follows: Miami, Indy, Jax, St. Louis, Seattle, Miami and NY Jets. Run don't walk to grab the Bills Defense late in your last minute draft.

    Worst comes to worst I will trade Bowe for a solid/decent ppr rb.