Rapid Reaction: Vikings 30, Jaguars 12

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky Things get worse and worse for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who fell to 4-7 Sunday with their loss to Minnesota.

    Their first five losses were all by a touchdown or less. Last week they fell by 10 to the Titans. Sunday they went down by 18 to Minnesota.

    After that Titans game, Jack Del Rio went out of his way to praise the home fans. He was trying to hold their interest because his team's play wasn't doing the job.

    After another dud, the Jags are now 1-5 at home. This one had little suspense considering the hosts fumbled the ball away on the first play from scrimmage for one touchdown, then coughed it up again on the ensuing kickoff to set up another.

    A team that's had troubles filling its stadium in the recent past has the Packers and Colts coming to town for its final two home games. If the home team isn't a sufficient draw, might quality competition be?

    The Jaguars are tied with Houston in the basement of the AFC South, but the Jags own an overtime win over the Texans from Sept. 28. The rematch is a week from Monday night at Reliant Stadium.

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