Rank your favorite safeties in this years draft.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by J Falk, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Since we would be beyond stupid not to take atleast one of these guys in the 2-4 round range, rank which safeties you like the most from this list(not including Vaccarro): Matt Elam, Jonathan Cyprien, Eric Reid, TJ McDonald, Bacarri Rambo, DJ Swearinger, Shamarko Thomas, Phillip Thomas, JJ Wilcox, Shawn Williams. There are some more(Lester, Duke Williams, Ray Ray Armstrong, Cooper Taylor), but they're projected a little later than 2-4, so I don't include them..

    My list goes as follows:
    1) Matt Elam: dude is an absolute monster. His instincts and leadership qualities make him stand out over any other safety I think. It would be hard to pass on him if he fell to us in the 2nd.
    2) Phillip Thomas: again, monster...his game tape, interview skills, and athleticism are all top notch...people think of him as just a cover guy because of his ridiculous interception numbers, but look at his TFL too...
    3) TJ McDonald: At 6-3 220 and possessing tremendous athletic ability, I think a lot of people are thinking Taylor Mays when they see him. I don't though; I think he's much better...Mays was surrounded by a beast squad that made him look better...plus, compare the stats and game tape and you can just see the huge difference. I like McDonald a lot.
    4) DJ Swearinger: Really well rounded and will be a solid strong safety in the league. I like his big play potential, and his beastly hit stick.
    5) Jonathan Cyprien: Only reason he's this low is because he won't fall to the 3rd and I wouldn't take him in the 2nd. If he fell to the 3rd, it'd be hard to choose between him, Swearinger and McDonald....they're all real close IMO.
    6) Shawn Williams: If we choose to wait a little longer, this guy is my pick. He will probably be there in the 4th round. He could very well be just as good as Swearinger in the league. I was a lot higher on him, but he didn't well at all against Bama in the SEC championship game.
    7) Baccari Rambo: The name says it all...
    8) Eric Reid: I think he's quite overrated...Mingo and Montgomery helped him out a lot...
    9) JJ Wilcox: Who???? He looks OK, but I really don't understand how he's projected to go 2-3.
    10) Shamarko Thomas: Most overrated guy on this list...How do these Syracuse players always seem to jump up draft boards after doing absolutely nothing in college????
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