Randall Hoping Special Teams Play Earns Him Roster Spot

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    SUMMARY: Marcus Randall came to Tennessee as an undrafted quarterback from LSU. When it didn't appear he would remain on the team in that role, the Titans shifted him to safety to take advantage of his athleticism. Though he was on the practice squad 13 weeks of the season last year, he was able to contribute on special teams the last three games. This offseason, he was moved to linebacker but knows the key to remaining on the roster will be his special teams play. "He’s a guy that we are looking at on a lot of special teams," Titans special teams coach Alan Lowry said. "He’s got a lot of roles he can play, and he needs to come through in those roles to solidify a place on this team."

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    any idea of who hasn't had an article on them? We'd be close to most of the starters.
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    I'm ok with a 230 lb safety too... Robert Fulcher.
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    He plays Quarterback, he plays Safety, he plays Linebacker, he plays Special Teams, who is this Super Hero?
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