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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by jcdenton, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. RollTide

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    Titanville has it!

    Look at titanville's sig. That is the move i talked about in an earlier post against michigan. It's like the guy had eyes in the back of his head! Tell me how he saw that guy?

    This is not just a steve mcnair-donovan mcnabb type athlete. This guy can even do things they can't. His potential is mind boggling.

  2. Rose BOWL colored glasses, you mean.

    You know, back when Vince was at Madison, one of my friends (who is a high school football coach) called me after having seen Vince play in one of our high school playoff games here in Texas and said "I have seen the future of the QB position and its name is Vince Young." My friend is not known for hyperbolic statements but I thought "okay, he's exagerrating." The whole summer before Vince's freshman year he was saying to me "Just wait. You'll see."

    So I waited. And I kept listening to my friend and he just wouldn't shut up about Vince. To be honest, after listening to him and to others I was thinking "there is no way that this guy can meet everybody's expectations." I thought that this was a setup in which there was no way Vince could win, no matter how good he was.

    Well, as you all now know, Vince exceeded all of the hyperbole, all of the internet blather, every expectation.

    There are a lot of people who were exactly like you are, Ewker. They didn't know and certainly didn't believe. I know, because I was one of them. Vince showed me and I have no doubt that, in a few years, you will be happily eating crow.
  3. TitanGuy

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    That's Pimp
  4. will be, we already are and it starts this year, with mcnair over there, we dont even have to drop back in coverage on the receivers
  5. AFI

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    VY is gonna lead us to victory
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