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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by jcdenton, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. jcdenton

    jcdenton Guest

    Here are a few quotes on Vince Young from various NFL and media sources I compiled leading up to the draft. Thought some of you may enjoy reading them.

    "I went to Austin to visit friends after Texas won the Rose Bowl. I went to their celebration at their stadium, and it was a sight to see. I watched Young to see how he would handle himself in that situation. I couldn't believe how charismatic he was. I watched him with the fans and with his teammates. I was so impressed. The most important thing is to put him in position to utilize his strengths, and that would be his athleticism. He's got good pocket presence. I don't care about his delivery. All I know is that he's got a big arm and delivers the ball well. He sees the field well. He doesn't just take the snap and run when his first option isn't there. I like the fact that he's got that moxie about him. He thrives in pressure situations. Either a player has it, or he doesn't. He's just a natural leader, and you can see people gravitate to him. People like Vince Young are leaders off the field, too. As coaches, no matter how hard we try, we can't make a guy be a leader. When the game's on the line, Young reminds me of Michael Jordan. He isn't going to be intimidated. He doesn't seem to be fazed by anything or anyone."

    -Clancy Pendergast, DC Arizona Cardinals


    I found Young to be a humble, mature cat. Don't get me wrong, he knows he's got the wheels to make plays. But with the prospect of another Rose Bowl run facing Texas, Young amped up his preparation during the offseason. He watched hours of tape and worked endlessly with his new receivers (and his old ones, like Limas Sweed and tight end David Thomas, the security blanket Young calls "the best athlete on our team.'')

    -Tim Layden, Sports Illustrated


    "I had the opportunity to sit face-to-face with Young for an aggregate total of probably eight hours over three days last summer in advance of his senior season at Texas. Here's what I found: He's a grownup. You interview enough college athletes, it gets pretty easy to discern which ones are really young men and which ones are 21 going on 15... (Vince) was a mature conversational partner, not a juvenile."

    -Tim Layden, Sports Illustrated


    "Vince Young just blew away every scout in the NFL with one of the most impressive performances they've ever seen. This was Young's coming out party. He made every throw, he made them on the run, he dropped back... One of the greatest quotes was from Ted Thompson of the Green Bay Packers: When you've got a chance to get Michael Jordan, you take Michael Jordan. Every coach and scout I've talked to said Vince just blew them away. He threw deep, he threw soft passes, he threw short passes, he went under center, he dropped back, he did 3, 5, 7 step drops, his footwork was good... everybody was impressed with Vince Young."

    -NFL Analyst John McClain



    "The more I watch him now, the more I realize that I haven't seen anyone quite like him. Usually, when you're scouting a player, you think to yourself, 'He reminds me of so-and-so.' But in this case, Young doesn't remind me of anyone. He seems to be one of a kind. The more I watch him, the more I just scratch my head and wonder how he did that."

    -Ted Thompson, GM Green Bay Packers


    "That was a hell of a workout. What impressed me the most was his velocity on all his throws. And he's just so smooth in everything he does. I'll go back to the Sam Bowie situation. If you have a chance to get Michael Jordan, you get Michael Jordan."

    -Ted Thompson, GM Green Bay Packers


    "Whatever fears people had about him, he seems like a guy people had a lot of questions about, I think he got a lot of them answered. I think he did a nice job. I think he did a lot to help himself in the draft."

    -Norm Chow, Offensive Coordinator Tennessee Titans


    "I was very impressed with every phase, with his personality, his character, his competitiveness, his athletic ability. He did well with the different throws, the sprint outs, the pressure flushes, the scrambles and the different drops, the three-step, the five-step and the full drop. I thought he did a nice job in each one of those situations."

    -Jeff Fisher, Head Coach Tennessee Titans


    "Unique is a word you don't want to throw out there too often," Billick said. "But this guy is truly unique – and that uniqueness is what has most people apprehensive... If you try to pigeon hole him as a Randall Cunningham or a Michael Vick – I don't know if you're going to be able to connect the dots in a way you'd like. As Vick has done, Young could create his own category because of the size, the speed and the athleticism."

    -Brian Billick, Head Coach Baltimore Ravens


    "The game is about a guy's talent and intangibles. I'd say Vince Young probably has the most intangibles we've seen in a long, long time. You're talking about a guy who's changed the game. He played against USC and made them look like they had average athletes on the field. It's because he was such a superior athlete. We try to make this game more complicated than it is. Does he throw completions? Can he lead his team? Does he have the instincts for the position? I think he'll be a hell of a pro."

    -Denny Green, Offensive Coordinator Arizona Cardinals


    "The only question you have to ask is do you want to play against him?"

    -James Harris, General Manager Jacksonville Jaguars


    "I would never trade away the three years with Matt as my quarterback. But if I was an NFL team, I don't know how you could not take Vince Young. A quarterback's job is to control the game. When a guy throws for 260 [yards] and runs for 200 in the biggest game of the year, he doesn't just control a game, he shows he can completely take it over. Nothing against Matt, but Vince has to be the No. 1 guy."

    -Lendale White, Running Back USC

  2. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    "The only question you have to ask is do you want to play against him?"

    -James Harris, General Manager Jacksonville Jaguars

    lucky him. now he gets to play against him twice a year.
  3. split_six

    split_six Guest

    As a football fan, I must conceed there is no such thing as a "sure thing". Just looking at the surface, I can see how people can say Vince is a risk.

    As a Longhorn, I see this about Vince:

    Once the team is "his", he will not let you lose.
    He will command the attention of the opponents secondary allowing his receivers to get space.
    He's very accurate with his passes.
    With all the experts bashing his low arm position at release, he will not get passes batted down.
    He will not run out of bounds if your team needs more yardage.
    He will raise the level of those around him.
    He will take few hard hits.
    Even when he does, he will NOT break.
    He will never be uncool.
    He will say things out of the norm that will make you, as a fan, wish to have his children.

    As a recovering Oiler fan, I hate myself for my new favorite NFL team:winker:

    ... and jcdenton is my second favorite Horn.
  4. GREAT videos jcdenton. thanks.

    this kid has a chance to change the NFL, i saw both rose bowls live.

    he was better and faster in that high school video
    he was better and faster in those college videos

    people think the speed of the nfl will have a drastic impact, but when i saw big ben running in the super bowl, i knew Young, if he sees some open lanes, will kick tail in the NFL.
  5. plato

    plato Camp Fodder

    He's the best football player I've ever seen..
    I recently sat down and watched his game tapes and was blown away, Saw 12 games from last year and two from his sophmore year..

    He actually made me feel sorry for the defense..
    TOSU tried to play him straight up and he had about 60 yards rushing in the 1st qt.. They then sat back in a zone and he picked them apart with the pass..

    All four of those db's for TOSU just got drafted in the first 4 rounds.

    That OSU defense had 3 first rounders and 6 guy's get drafted in the first 4 rounds. He was the best player on the field and AJ Hawk said he was the best player he's ever played against and 2nd place wasn't close.

    30/40 against USC , that's 75% completion rate in the biggest game of his life..And also one of the most hyped games in college history and he played almost perfect with a huge amount of pressure....
    He looked like he never even broke a sweat and was bored.. His poise is remarkable to see..
    I'm so pumped about our future.
  6. Lloyd Carr, the Michigan coach, also said that Vince is the best player he's ever been on the same field with.
  7. Caphorn

    Caphorn Guest

    Based on the number of posts of posters on this thread, I just wanted to jump into the unofficial Vince Young Only bandwaggon fan thread :)

    Actually, I'm also a Houston Oiler fan big time. Nice to see jcdenton over here from hornfans.

    I've got tons of reading to do here. But No. 1 on my agenda is to figure out if there is any way the Titans can keep Steve McNair as a mentor for Vince? Anyone know?
  8. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    You have a lot of reading to do. ;)

    In a nutshell, Reese restructured McNair a number of times adding around $13.5 mil to his cap this year. Add to that the $9 mil his base calls for and the other $1 mil bonus due him in September and you have one player consuming $23.5 or so of the Titans salary cap.

    Note that releasing McNair only saves that $10 mil leaving $13.5 mil or so on the cap regardless. But that $10 mil goes a long way to signing the draft picks and filling any needed holes.
  9. Ewker

    Ewker Starter

  10. Caphorn

    Caphorn Guest

    $10 MM is the gap? Seems pretty nominal really in this day and age. What free agents are ready to come on board if you let Steve go? Will they be as valuable to the organization short or long-term as Steve would in bringing Vince along?

    I'm sure this probably has been discussed.
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