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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky <p>INDIANAPOLIS - We may revisit some of this in the coming days in more detail, but I feel compelled to hit you with the gist of all the other stuff Colts president Bill Polian said Sunday afternoon.</p> <p><strong>Overtime:</strong> His feelings as a member of the competition committee on overtime are not based on the team's overtime playoff loss in San Diego when the Colts did not get the ball in extra time.</p> <p>He credited the Chargers, but said "we should have won that game [in regulation], all we needed to do was make four yards in two downs and we didn't do it."</p> <p>Those who created the overtime rules were smart to do what they did, he said, and Polian did not sound like a backer of a change.</p> <p><strong>Tampering talks:</strong> He said he is concerned about the degree of discussions that go on here between agents of pending free agents and club personnel, but doesn't know how what's technically may qualify as tampering can be staunched.</p> <p>"I don't know if there is a remedy for it that's enforceable, it just may be human nature," he said. "I wish it were otherwise but I don't know of any way to make it change."</p> <p><strong>Coaching transition:</strong> The transition from Tony Dungy to Jim Caldwell has been as seamless as Polian had hoped.</p> <p>"Jim has already put him mark on the daily operations, the way he wants things done, which is a little different than what Tony did and that's to be expected and understandable but we've gone ahead without any interruption at all," he said. "...He's taking a little bit different approach to the offseason camp and perhaps the camp, we haven't solidified that yet."</p> <p><strong>Family ties:</strong> Asked what makes his son Brian, an assistant at Notre Dame, such an effective recruiter, Polian was at the ready.</p> <p>"He has his mother's personality," Bill Polian said.</p> <p><strong>Opening the combine:</strong> Polian doesn't like the idea but wouldn't rule out the idea that the combine may someday be open to both the media and the public.</p> <p>"Never say never," he said. "Let me tell you there is no groundswell on the part of the competition committee to do it... I think the potential distraction is an issue."</p> <p><strong>Play clock:</strong> Jeff Fisher, the co-chairman of the competition committee said Friday he didn't expect the play clock to be tied to replay despite a bad mistake that hurt his team in its playoff loss to Baltimore.</p> <p>"It has to do with the number of camera placements for various games throughout the league," Polian said. "Every game does not have the same number of cameras, therefore you do not have the same number of looks at various part of the stadium or the field from week to week, from game to game. That's one mechanical issue we have no way of addressing. There are other issues that have to do with that too, but that's the most glaring one.</p>

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    they may not have the play clock tied to replay, that's fine, but could they activate that replay buzzer the second it expires. Doesn't the referee have a vibrating buzzer device the replay booth signals him from? What if they gave the replay booth power to call delay of game? I don't know, it seems that something could be done to help that.
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